Felix Felicis

This DIY comes from a bookmark I had saved into my favourites for a long time, and I've excited that I can finally do this! I'd seen this done around Halloween over the last few years, and had always wanted to have a go myself. Finally, I have some spare glass bottles and jars to play around with and I am expecting I'm going to be adding more of these to my collection as times goes on.

I fear my room is going to start resembling Ariel's underwater grotto in the near future!

Felix Felicis!

(I tied my little unicorn charm around the top of the bottle for extra good fortune, and because I think it goes rather well alongside the potion.)

The labels I printed out come from this amazing blog, Over The Big Moon, here. There's a whole page of downloadable labels, but I knew which one would work the best for me! Out of all of the potions in the HP universe, if I had to choose one to take, it would be Felix Felicis - I'd love some extra luck in my life, especially on those difficult days when nothing seems to be going right.

I've always liked the idea of adding labels to bottles to decorate them and bring some fun and fantasy to bookshelves and side tables, and giving it a Harry Potter twist is brilliant in my opinion - this one is now sat on my bookshelf alongside my Unicorn Relics box. I simply used an old bottle I had which had previously been used as a diffuser and then just stuck the label one using some glue - simple and sweet!

It's Tuesday so I am linking up with the ever lovely Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. Wish my flat looked like an underwater grotto, rather than an overcrowded tip

  2. Oh I just love this idea!! I adore collecting little glass bottles, and they are in desperate need of some awesome labels.

  3. I have several diffuser bottles that I have kept 'just in case' they came in useful one day. Thank you for providing this wonderful idea, they'd look great complete with label next to my Harry Potter boxset.

  4. AHHHHHHHHHH, that is so cute!!! You know, what you could do is save any gold bits of packaging (e.g. like ferrere roche or the gold bits of twix wrappers etc and snip them into tiny bits and put them inside the bottle because Felix Felicitis was brilliant gold wasn't it!!!Xx


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