Lost In A Drawing

Its' back to normality, work and life for most of us by now, and if you're anything like me, you're seeking fun things and relaxation in the evenings to keep the Winter blues at bay. I know I've been on an origami hype over the past couple of months, so I felt it was time to do some drawing again!

So I created a whimsical, fantasy inspired quick sketch with some mystery woman holding a locket, overlooking a balcony and this pond/swamp sketch - I was trying my hand at creating layers within a drawing and bringing out backgrounds. Ideally I should invest in some proper tools but for now I'm happy to just have a play around!

I'm linking up with Stella and Sarah this week!

Hope your Tuesday goes well!



  1. woah! you have the talent, Tasha. It's nice! :)

  2. How cool! I took a drawing class last year and really enjoyed it but I'm not sure I could draw something straight from my imagination. I found it hard enough to copy something I could see! Lovely job!

  3. I know.. we all need a bit of inspiration in the busy daily routine.
    Very beautiful drawing, dear xx

  4. Great stuff, I envy people who can draw. I can't get enough non-nature writing done at the moment.

  5. Oh wow, what lovely sketches, Tasha! I've started doodling at night - I say 'doodling' because my terrible little figures really don't deserve being called drawings yet! I'm impressed that you've managed to draw whole scenes from your imagination - I tend to doodle something from my day (like my cat or my dinner!) or just think of a theme and go with it (last night was mermaids!). It's been nice to concentrate on something creative before bed (and spend less time scrolling through social media aimlessly!).


  6. Oh that's really lovely! You are a wonderful sketcher!x

  7. I love her shawl draped over her arms and her skirts. Is that fence she is standing in front of?


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