Mood Boarding!

Each year I make a mood board using whatever available space I have - be it a cork-board, or simply my wall. I find that having images, certain words, doodles, pieces of DIY and even lists, really helpful in terms of spurring on my creativity, calming me and reminding me of what I love and can look forward to. It's proven to be especially useful for battling anxiety and depression and this is how my 2016 boards are looking so far!

I have one board above my desk and my current favourites are the origami Millenium Falcon my Mum made, the postcard shot of the hammerhead shark which I got when I adopted whale sharks, this quote my lovely friend sent to me and finally the most recent addition - a piece of artwork from the brilliant wirrow.

And the full board!

The second board is above my bed and my current favourites are a piece of artwork my lovely friend did for me while we were at uni, the stunning Disney quote from the wonderful Danielle of Underland to Wonderland and a card which was attached to a bracelet my friend sent me recently which is all about unicorns!

And the final board!

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Hope you're all having a wonderful start to the week!



  1. Oh Tasha--these are brilliant!! I absolutely love them and can definitely see how you can feel just a little bit ppier when battling depression by looking at these. Your images always make me happier. Your an inspiration...๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. I love doing mood boards, Tasha. Whether if it's on the computer or from paper, it's really helpful to kick start the creativity mind set :)
    Well done!

  4. What a lovely idea! I actually scrapbook myself, which I suppose is quite similar, though I'm many, many months behind right now haha. I'm sorry to hear you've experienced depression/anxiety in the past, I genuinely hope each month gets better and better for you Tasha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  5. These boards are such an awesome idea! I love it! And I love everything you've pinned to them so far :)
    I do have a board, too, but so far it holds random stuff I find interesting or that is dear to me :)

    Have an amazing day, Tasha :D
    Lots of hugs to you,

  6. Tasha these are just fabulous. You amaze me every week with your creativity. Such a visual feast. I found that taking vitamin B and magnesium supplements had the biggest impact on evening out my own anxiety, but making time for crafting would be the next biggest.

  7. That's such a nice way to inspire yourself throughout the year!


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