Snow at Midnight

Last weekend my little part of the world finally saw some snow- yay! While the brief flurry didn't last into Monday morning, it was lovely to look out my window at night and see the snow falling. I knew I had to get some photos (lack of sunshine be damned!) before it disappeared.

I love the way some of the flakes caught on the washing line and began to freeze. It was eerily quiet outside and the soft patter of the snow falling was so comforting.

My flash leant itself to creating a starry sky picture here - and it was freezing cold as these flurries fell!

The garden looked like it had been dusted with icing. 

Frozen raindrops on the washing line.

The view from the front door - pitch black skies and flurries of snow. The eerie glow of the street light was a bit spooky as I stood outside and watched the snow fall, but it was lovely to finally see some, and while the mountains and more central areas of Cumbria seemed to get the most impressive snowfall, it was fun to get some.

I think living on the coast with the effect of the sea means this lovely little dusting of snow only lasted a little while, but I still hold out hope for more!

Did you get snow last weekend?

I'm linking up with the wonderful Jen from Pierced Wonderings today.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh my gosh! I suddenly want to go to your place. I'm dreaming to have snow here yet I know it's impossible. But still, seeing your photos of it makes me so happy :)

  2. Wow, I'm so jealous of the snow! It's beeeautiful. We've had a lot of cold but no snow yet.

  3. I just love watching snow fall! It's so pretty. These photos are great!

  4. This looks magical! Still, I'm VERY glad it is not snowing here- I DO NOT want to walk a mile up hill to the station in it!x

  5. I love snow, if I haven't mentioned that enough already... We seem to be getting all our snow during the day time, but if it ever snows at night, I'm going to get out there with my flash and get some of these pretty fake star photos!

    I hope you get some more!

  6. How lovely, you must have a lot of patience and a good eye to have captured these shots.

  7. We had a couple of really snowy days last week and it was lovely - there's still something so exciting and special about snow that you don't get with any other weather. I'm 26 and I still feel excited when I see that first flurry of flakes dance down from the sky (and I still love crunching through a first snowfall on the rare opportunities that it lies).


    p.s. I just spotted that you've included me in your list of blogs to check out - thank you so much!

  8. Great captures - the snow flakes are really effective against the dark. Love the shot of the washing line!

  9. Oh look at those! Love the starry sky effect. We've had zero snow so far down on this bit of the coast-nowt new there
    M x

  10. It snowed here so very briefly, blink and you would have missed it :)

  11. How beautiful! It looks like stars falling from the sky. One of the things that I miss about being where we get snow - that quiet that comes when the snow is falling...that tangible hush.

    thanks for sharing with us at Photo Friday!


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