Tweet Tweet: Birdwatch 2016!

This weekend heralded the arrival of the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch for 2016, and just like last year, I was thrilled to be taking part again. I decided to do my watch at a later hour than the previous years' and while I was a little hesitant about the numbers of birds I might see, I wasn't too disappointed!

(Apologies if any of these photos are a bit grainy - some were shot behind a window!)
A carrion crow, a house sparrow and the female blackbird.

In the hour I managed to spot herring gulls, carrion crows, blackbirds, starlings, jackdaws, a wren, a robin, a wood pigeon, a collared dove and lots of sparrows.

A curious blackbird, a herring gull looking for the best moment to swoop and the same jackdaw enjoying some bread.

I was glad I managed to spot those species alone, as the weather was at best, drizzly. There was a fine mist in the air during the morning and it was fairly chilly too, but still the birds come out of hiding and were eager to snatch bread, bird seed and even do a bit of foraging in the hedgerows whilst I was watching.

The male blackbird, a house sparrow and a carrion crow.

My highlight of the watch was this adorable robin that stuck around for the whole hour!

The same lovely robin.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and if you took part in the birdwatch this year, how did it go? How many species did you spot?

Spotter sheet, robin postcard, identity chart.

Enjoy the week ahead!



  1. I wish I was able to, I've been at work sadly. Long tailed tits would have been the most numerous species if they'd showed, they come through my garden in groups of 15 or so.

    Lovely shots! Dim light always seems to make it tricky.

  2. Wow, so many different birds! That sounds like a lot of fun. We put a birdfeeder in our backyard last year and had a lot of fun trying to identify all the birds that came to visit.

  3. Wow, I'm surprised by the variety of birds you have visiting.

    I saw our Robin for the first time this winter last week. Enjoying some seeds, I wish I had thought to take a photograph of him.

  4. What a collection you got to see! I love little robins! They are so so cute. I'm hoping to get back to the UK in the summer and see what birds I can see in my Aunts gardens as they have a nice big one that's all sheltered for the birds.

  5. You got to see quite a few different birds. So awesome! The robin is my favorite. That's a wonderful idea - I'm wondering how many different kinds of birds I'd get to see if I'd watch them from my window for an hour :D I need to do that some time.

    Tasha, you are such a wonderful and inspiring woman! I'm so happy that I met you here in blogland. Thank you so much for letting me know that my gratitude post had helped you on that day. I know what it feels like when situations make us feel like a failure. But you are not! You are amazing and wonderful and always, always good enough! No matter what somebody or some circumstance might show you :)

    I hope you have an amazing week!
    Lots of hugs to you <3

  6. How lovely you spotted such a variety!!!! I forgot!!! Sad times!!!! Robins are such jolly chaps and chappettes, I find them v sociable!!!Xx

  7. I didn't do this this year, though I have in the past when I had a garden as it made it easier and we had a huge variety. Now I see only magpies (a favourite of mine), wood pigeons, blackbirds, sparrows, gulls, jackdaws, chaffinches, long tailed tits and robins. Oh and the occasional crow and buzzard way up catching thermals :)


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