Fading Sunshine

As the sun sets on the weekend and my thoughts drift towards the days ahead I like to take some time to be quiet and enjoy some peace before the busy working week takes a hold of me. As I woke up on the Sunday with the sunlight streaming in from behind my curtains I was amazed at the silhouettes it created of my peace lily.

Linking up with image-in-ing for this week's Wordless Wednesday. Make sure to check out her blog and add your own photos to the link-up

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Nice, restful photos.
    Thank you for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/02/abstractions.html

  2. Your photos are always so lovely. The sunlight peaking in the window is beautiful.

    Rebecca http://www.winnipegstyle.ca/Blog/default.cfm

  3. This is lovely. I love your joy in small things like this!!!x

  4. My house is definitely lacking in some nice silhouettes

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous photos! I love them!
    Jade xo


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