Little Origami Ladybird

With February upon us I am longing for the warmth of Spring as the evenings are slowly (ever so slowly...) beginning to lighten. It's no longer pitch black when I leave work and so already my mind is wandering to sunnier climes and I've been indulging myself by creating some colourful origami decorations to fix to my wall.

I found this really quick and simple ladybird tutorial here and got to work!

I love anything which brings some colour to my walls and even better when it's wildlife themed! I've just found a very cute cicada tutorial too, so as soon as I find some green paper I am making myself a little cicada friend to join my new ladybird.

It's Tuesday so I am linking up with the ever lovely Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. That's really cute! I've always been interested in origami but end up getting infuriated whenever I attempt it and I end up with an ugly wrinkled ball of paper. This looks simple and fun though :)

  2. Another utterly adorably little fella. And I LOVE that painting on your wall next to it!
    Looking forward to seeing the cicada.

  3. This is so cute! I got your letter today as well my lovely, will reply as soon as I get a chance! xx

  4. That is so sweet!!! I love it Tasha. You should attach your creations to cards.x

  5. Where do you find these adorable origami things?! I think I'm on the wrong bit of the internet!

  6. This ladybird is so adorable and pretty! I love the idea of bringing nature inside, especially with a bright flash of red!


    p.s. How amazing is it about leaving work and it's not pitch black?! It's still almost completely dark here but it's a tiny bit lighter and even that has me excited!

  7. awww it's so cute Tasha!!!
    Jade xo


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