Pop of Colour

I know that Spring is on its way when the flowers start to bloom along the roadside, and the shops become full of bright, yellow daffodils as the promise of Easter beckons. They might be considered my favourite flower - that cheery, sunshine yellow colour just puts me in an instant good mood!

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  1. There are some Daffodils in my yard that are about to bloom. I'm so excited!

  2. Lovely!

    Thanks for the second comment on the Danebridge walk - I don't expect anyone to comment twice if they're following both blogs, I don't like repeating myself really, but it's hard running two blogs, sometimes there is overlap and I want to put my wild bits on the main blog as well!

  3. Yellow daffodils are a favorite of mine, as well. Can't wait for spring and seeing them pop up everywhere! Lovely post! Just followed! :)


  4. they're very pretty!! I want one in my room :)


  5. Very pretty!
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  6. I always forget how late in the season Daffs bloom in Michigan. None of those for me until April at the earliest.

  7. Yesss... I'm so excited for spring. I love seeing flowers coming out in the parks and can't wait to start enjoying some warmer weather :)

  8. Yellow daffodils make me think of daffodil day.

  9. Daffodils definitely are a marker of spring for me - especially here in Wales!

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