Down at the Harbour

Last week a little detour on the way home lead us to the Port in Workington and lots of friendly and curious seagulls - as well as a charming heron!

While it was overcast with brooding dark clouds filling the skies, the birds were not detoured and were, I think, waiting patiently for food from any unsuspecting fishermen or boats hauling in a decent catch from the day. 

I've often spotted herons along the river here, waiting, statue-like by the riverside. There's something that I love about them, and it may come from days watching Farthing Wood as a child! Whistler the heron was always one of my favourite characters. This one emerged slowly but surely, coming to stand right beside the car.

There were a couple of black headed gulls flying around too and this one came to sit on the fence just in front of Mum's car. Sometimes you see seagulls so often you can get used to them and then forget that they can be quite sweet when they want to - I do have a soft spot for them.

The Port is so close by and I often forget to stop by it, so I'm hoping that as the weather warms up I'll have the chance to spend some more time bird-watching as we head into spring and summer. 

I'll leave you this final parting shot of the heron!

I'm linking up with the wonderful Jen from Pierced Wonderings today.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Most herons I see are far more easily spooked than that fellow! Great shots. My grandfather was from Egremont not too far away.

  2. I love the heron! He looks so slim and dapper!!x

  3. Aww, lovely photographs! I agree that you can sometimes take seagulls for granted (and people are so prone to moaning about them) but then it only takes a moment to remember how sweet they can be - those little black headed gulls are especially cute.


  4. How lovely. I always think of herons as such majestic birds, something I think you have captured well here.

  5. Herons are a favourite of mine, they always stand so tall and elegant to me. I like them :) They also seem a lot friendlier than swans haha. You got yourself a cutie there!

    I'm a little jealous of your detour :)

  6. Ah those grey English days... You managed to capture some great shots, despite the grey sky though xx

  7. What a fun detour! I love seabirds!


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