Just as the last few rays of sun were going down last weekend I couldn't help but pull my camera out when I saw this lovely reflection of the clouds above on the hood of our car. It was the perfect end to a relaxed day, and the few raindrops sitting on top just bounced those rays right back. Here's hoping that these lovely sunsets are a symbol of good weather to come!

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Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday so far!



  1. Reflections are one of my favourite things. Especially trees in lakes.

  2. What a lovely photo! I hope the weather starts warming up a bit now!

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  3. This is so pretty - you have such a good eye for capturing the beauty in little moments.


  4. Hi Tasha,
    I like the light and mood in this shot and how you have captured the moment by focusing on the raindrops and the light as those little details.
    I have a thing for reflections myself, and I'm starting to become interested in what raindrops can do in photos, so this photo was totally my cup of tea!


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