Terrific Tulips

Spring is on my mind, as you can probably tell from my most recent posts, and with the evenings lighter and the morning's brighter I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to take on whatever April has to throw at me! But my favourite thing about spring has to be seeing the world wake up again and the early signs of life blooming in the shapes of daffodils and daisies, crocuses and tulips. So when I got my sketchbook out to practise some more watercolour, I thought a tulip would be a great subject!

It's blending I currently need to work on - I'm constantly looking at botanical watercolours and seeking out tips on how to recreate those delicate artworks I've seen, but it's also fun and relaxing to simply create something, be it good or bad and the colours are instantly lifting.

I'm linking up with Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday this week!

Hope you all had a lovely, long weekend and that the week has started well for you all.



  1. never see very many here, sadly. They cultivate them in the flat fields of Lincolnshire, gazillions of them there

  2. Still better than anything I could even dream of doing!

  3. I've not seen any tulips yet! You've reminded me to get my sketchbook out - it's been a while x

  4. I love seeing the world spring to life this time of year! This is a really lovely painting, tulips are one of my favorites :)


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