The Favourite Five: Project 365 - February!

How on earth is it February already?! I must be suffering from some kind of timelapse syndrome because I only feel like it was January yesterday! However, it's another month done on Project 365 and already we've arrived in March. I'm hoping for more outdoors-y opportunities as the weather picks up and becomes warmer over the next few weeks. I've already spotted several adorable lambs frolicking around in the fields nearby so I'm hoping I can get some snaps of them!

1. Birdies Welcome

I like this photo purely because it's fun and because of those few rays of sunlight pouring in behind the miniature bird-house that my lovely friend Char sent to me over Christmas, and it sits alongside my pine-cones which are all the way from the New Forest down in Hampshire. The little mushroom candle was another Christmas present from a Secret Santa back at university - I can't bring myself to light it because it's too cute!

2. Spiralling

I love shells and while this one didn't come from the nearby beach at St Bees I was so taken with that whirling spiral and the lovely shade of green that I knew I had to get a photo at some point.

3. Snowdrops

I always smile as soon as I see these lovely plants with their snow white petals blooming, as I know that Spring is on the way! These have sprung up along the roadsides all over Cumbria here and are slowly being joined by those sunny daffodils, but I'm seeing less of them than I did last year. Perhaps the recent brief cold snap we got up here has delayed them, but one thing is for certain, the plants seem out of sync with the seasons at the moment.

4. Brushes at the ready!

My new favourite thing - painting. I've been doing it so often these past few weeks that it felt unfair to leave out my brushes and the jar they're in is in one of my favourite shades! It reminds me of sea glass. 

5. Little Robin 

And, finally, the lovely and humble robin. This little one has been visiting the garden over and over throughout February and it's always a joy to see him hopping in and out of the bushes to grab some seeds, before flitting off to hide from the larger jackdaws that come to visit. I want to get out more throughout March and take more photos outdoors as the weather gets a bit brighter.

I hope you've all been having a lovely week so far!



  1. Oh I also love painting:D the jar is beautiful!!!!
    I love picture number 3 Snowdrops!!!
    Jade x

  2. I'm with you on the snowdrops, most definitely, they bring a smile to my face too at this time of year - they're a sign of sunnier, warmer days ahead!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  3. Aw I would love to see those little lambs! That's so awesome that you live in a place where lambs just frolic around! Those snowdrops are really gorgeous too, thanks for sharing all of this fresh nature with us!

    Chow Down USA

  4. I love the Birdies Welcome box! x

  5. Aren't snowdrops just so beautiful. There's a church near here with a churchyard full of snowdrops, it's famous for it.

    Thank you so much for the sweet letter and I look forward to seeing what you make xx

  6. Lovely shot of a robin. Need a good one myself in good light.

  7. All these pictures are beautiful and capture all the lovely details. I wish I could paint but am terrible at it.

  8. The bird house is cute and say hi for me to little Robin. I like your pictures :)


  9. Oh, I love that mushroom candle.

    To me even more a sign of spring than the first daffodils, I love the purity and promise of warmer weather that comes with snowdrops.

  10. You have taken some beautiful and joyous photos!!! The bird house is sweet and yes, snow drops are a sign of hope for Spring-yay!!Xx

  11. Robins are such cute little creatures! I'm looking forward to going home as my family has a nice garden where lots of birds come to visit, so hopefully I can get some nice photos of them :)


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