The Favourite Five: Project 365 - March!

*clicks* And just like that March was over and another Project 365 month was done and dusted! With April the promise of spring is on the air, and like a lot of other people, I'm feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the start of a new month, especially with the lighter evenings and ever so slightly warming temperatures - I even spotted my first butterfly of the year while at work this week! 

So here are my five favourites from Project 365 this past month!

1. Blue Skies & Windmills

The wind farms always remind me of giant pinwheels and it automatically makes me smile! Hello beautiful, blue skies too!

2. Beautiful Blue Muscari

Another addition to the indoor greenhouse that is quickly becoming our living room. Mum picked up this lovely, soft muscari plant - the planter it sits in even has an illustration of some muscari on the front! I love that pastel shade of blue. 

3. Kylo Ren!

There has been an awakening... It wouldn't be me if I didn't inject a little nerdery into my 365 at some point. This tumbler was in Asda and the designs on the front and back of Kylo Ren were just too cool to pass up - they also had an amazing Stormtrooper pillow as well but I let that one go. I am excited for the next few films to see the characters develop and to delve back into the world of Star Wars - it had been far too long! 

4. Homeward Bound

Beautiful, scudding clouds over a blue sky - simple, peaceful and always satisfying to see. I'm hoping there are lots more skies like these over the next few weeks!

5. Peaceful Painting

Weekends call for watercolours, and with spring on my mind I'm flip-flopping between painting mountains and trees - and it's good practise too! I'm still learning how to blend and shade to make things look a bit more realistic.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that your weeks go just as well. I'm taking another mini break this week from uploading posts as it's a busy time of month but I'll be back next week with lots of new things!



  1. Does Kylo Ren have a snout? I haven't seen it yet.

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  3. The blue sky featuring windmills from afar looks so dreamy, a wonderful capture!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  4. Ah I definitely feel refreshed now that it's April but it's been a long Monday today and I am feeling exhausted already! Hoping that this does not reflect the rest of the week. I'll just have to gaze at your lovely photos to feel relaxed again... :)

  5. March was great, but I am definitely looking forward to April and even more spring weather. I love those flowers!

  6. Like the tree drawing ;)


    Mónica Sors



  7. I so much love that second photo - very artistic, Tasha!!

  8. Mother Nature at her best, I love how you have captured the images of those beautiful flowers and, oh my goodness, I adore your painting.

  9. I love your five! The clouds are beautiful and that Muscari is enchantingly pretty! Your painting is really lovely too!x

  10. I bet your lounge room is just wonderful full of plants. I truly must try for indoor plants again soon.

  11. I love the tree painting! Also that first photo reminds me so much of home, I miss the good ol' English countryside!


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