Tropical Toucans!

If you've been reading my posts for a while you'll know by now that I am very much motivated and interested in the natural world, especially when it comes to animals. I've long been fascinated by birds, and having been spending more time practising using acrylics, and my overall technique I thought bringing some tropical colours to my room, in the form of a toucan, would be an afternoon spent well!

Say hello to my new toucan friend!

I still need to touch up the corners of this canvas as this toucan's green backdrop is patchy in places but I was really pleased with how this one turned out. The bright blue around the eye was my favourite part of the painting - that colour is a nice pop in amongst the yellows and oranges. I'm going to try and lighten the top of the bill a bit more too as it's looking a little dark at the moment, but this was fun none-the-less!

I used a photograph for an outline reference and after covering the canvas in that block green, I gently sketched on my toucan and then added in all of the details. At some point I want to add in some leaves and possibly even some flowers behind him to add some more colour too.

What do you think?

I'm linking up with the lovely Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today.

Hope you've all had a good start to the week!



  1. Remember when TOucans were used to advertise guinness!

  2. This is the picture of flowers and leaves in the background would be nice. You can do a bit of fading tropical flowers and foliage. Good luck.

  3. I love this! I think you did an amazing job Tasha, you should be really proud of it. It's so cheery!

  4. Looks great! And they are great colours for spring/summer. Have you been painting for a long time?

  5. Wow! This is amazing :) You are so talented! I love toucans, they are gorgeous birds! What's your favourite bird species? I love barn owls the most!


  6. Well done!!! I think you did a great job! Please do hare more of our paintings I'd love to see them :D <3. I love painting birds. I have this book that I won from Danielle's giveaway about birds ( a Europe/London bird guide book) and I love looking at the pictures and painting them with water color. So relaxing isn't it?!
    Jade x

  7. I love it! I am loving your art journey you are plodding along on! It's so amazing to see what you've been painting, drawing, everything! You are one talented lady and it always brightens my day to see what you've created!


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