Two Little Budgies

I found this adorable origami tutorial from Red Ted Art, who post some brilliant and fun crafts both on YouTube and on their blog here and knew it would be the perfect weekend craft. With the sun shining, and the starlings outside chirping away it felt good indeed!

I made a Mum and a chick (with bunny lamp looking on).

I think these would look great with some floral paper, but I need to get some more patterned papers to try that, so in the meantime just stuck with white and added some feathers, but I think they're very cute. I'm pleased with the miniature budgie. I think I need to perfect the beak and tail on the adult! 

I perched them on my Easter cactus for this photo (all of it's petals had closed after the sun had gone down unfortunately!) so it they felt like they had their very own 'tree'!

Linking up with Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday.

Hope your week has gotten off to a good start!



  1. Hello, Tasha! These paper budgies perching on the flowering Easter cactus are so cute. Thank you for your concern. Fortunately the place where I live is not affected by that earthquake.


  2. Ahhh this is so so so cute!! I love things like this :)
    Jemma xx

  3. You have been creatively busy since I've been away Natasha, love the origami,must give that a try.. and your art also. It's such a nice feeling being creative don't you think..

  4. These are so cute Tasha! xx

  5. Cute! I love the ideas on Red Ted!

  6. Oh,Aren't they sweeeet!!!!! You are so good at Origami!!!x


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