Beads & Gemstones

A good few weeks ago the lovely Melanie from The Folly Bird sent me a bag of beads to use for making jewellery, and I finally got around to making some brand new bracelets at the weekend! I took my inspiration from gemstones this time around and I'm thoroughly pleased with how these all came out, so a huge thank you to Melanie for sending me these, I had a very busy, fun filled weekend with these! 

There were lots of these oval beads in the little black organza bag Melanie sent me and as soon as I these brown, striped ones I knew which kind of pattern I wanted straight-away. I added in a couple of green beads I already had, and pulled these together to pay homage to a piece of tiger's eye, which is the largest stone the bracelet is sitting on. The other gems which I used as inspiration were pyrite, or fool's gold, geodes and some orange calcite. 

The second bracelet featured some more of these oval beads in a lovely ice blue, and I added some clear beads, as well as some dark blue beads around the top of the bracelet. Inspired by my blue agate, some blue geodes, raw amazonite and my green moss agate. 

Finally, I used up the other oval beads in this pretty pale pink, along with some shell pieces I had from an old necklace, inspired by shells in general, pink geodes and raw rose quartz. 

And I'm all bracelet-ed out! I'm glad I took some time out to make these as it had been a good while since I'd made anything new and it's meant I could use up some of the beads that had been sitting in my bead box too.

I'm linking up with both Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today.

Hope you've all had a lovely start to the week!



  1. I've still got a collection of semi precious bits and bobs somewhere. Great stuff!

  2. They are beautiful!!!

  3. They are all gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  4. You made some beautiful bracelets! I love the pink one, it's so sweet Tasha!

  5. I like the variety of the beads - some small ones like you usually get but some larger, rougher pieces which adds a nice contrast and lots of interest!

  6. I love the blue ones! So refreshing looking

  7. I'm so glad you had fun! The ovals, I believe, are shell, as are the tooth like ones. These are pretty, the pink is so feminine xxx

  8. Oh how cool! I love the icy blue one, that's got some gorgeous colours in it.

  9. They are so gorgeous and very you! How lovely of Melanie! She is a very generous sweetie!x


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