Beautiful Bassenthwaite!

Last week I discovered a hidden little paradise tucked away just a few minutes from the town of Cockermouth. After driving through green hills with impressive views of the valleys around Keswick and Cockermouth, we found Ouse Bridge Nature Reserve on the shores of the impressive and calming Bassenthwaite Lake. Managed by the Lake District National Park Authority, I was instantly taken by the area, with views stretching out across the waters towards the peaks in the distance.

Cobble stones and reed-beds flank the shoreline of the lake and birds could be heard singing away in the trees and shrubs dotted around the place. This bank is the perfect place to sit and have a break.

Light dappled down through the leaves on the trees, and trunks were covered in soft, green mosses turning the area into a fairytale realm that reminded me so much of the Labyrinth and Murkwood. Everywhere you turned there was something new to look at.

The patterns and details on the stones, fallen branches, tree stumps and trunks were intriguing and inspiring. It's easy to see why so many people take inspiration from nature in terms of artwork and photography, because there is always so much to see! 

The floors were carpeted by the soft, white sights of wood anemone and the bright, sunny spotlights from the lesser celandines, with their pretty, star-shaped petals. I managed to get a shot of the hoverfly in the last of these 3 photos feeding on the nectar of one of the wood anemone flowers, but saw hundreds of other different insects and beetles flying and wandering around too. This would be the ideal place to come back and do some insect spotting with an ID sheet!

This is a lovely and calming place and I'll definitely be stopping by to visit again. The information board which I added in below showed a number of different birds in the area so I'll have to come back and try and spot some of them!

If you're ever in the area around Cockermouth and Keswick, definitely pay a visit, as there is a wealth of wildlife to be seen here, as well as being a beautiful place for an afternoon walk, and when the weather is bright and sunny the whole area comes to life in the sunlight. 

I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. At the mention of 'managed by the Lake District National Park Authority', I'll admit I got a little bit excited - I'm spending a week in the area later this year after having not visited for about a decade! I can absolutely imagine how tranquil it must be there :)


  2. A long while since we've visited Bassenthwaite. Thank you for not only some lovely photographs but also the memories they brought back to me.

  3. I had visited the lake district area in March but didn't get to explore much due to heavy rains the 3 days we were there. The beauty and tranquility of the place still steeped in me deep and I can't wait to visit again. Thank you for such lovely captures!

  4. I ask myself; Why I love this page? Do you know? I love this page; because it is very natural page. Also it naturalness KaDo is an intimate block for me. I'm happy when I read this page. Trees, flowers, moss, beautiful leaf from each other in the lap of mother nature. I like you like to be your hobby. While we're from different countries can talk the same language of nature. Thank God my God! ..

  5. It is a beautiful and quite mysterious looking place with the mist

  6. What a beautiful place and what beautiful images! I love the textures you were able to capture. Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

  7. What a wonderful find to wander about and take photos. The scenery with the mountains behind the lake is just gorgeous. And your bits if spring colors are pretty, too.

  8. What a beautiful place - you took some lovely photos. It definitely looks worth another trip sometime!

  9. That looks an utterly gorgeous place Tasha- how wonderful!!! xx

  10. Oh what a perfect little spot to find! I wish there were more secret watery places near where I live, but nope :) I can live vicariously through you though!


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