Project 365: The Favourite Five - May!

May was a beautifully bright, warm and welcoming month filled with flowers and blossoming trees, and while this post comes a little earlier than my previous ones, I couldn't wait to share my favourite photos as I'd already picked them out, and knew exactly which ones I wanted to share!

 This month has seen some truly gorgeous weather with some unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, and with me finding my stride at work once more I am feeling ten times more positive and happy than I was this time last month. It's been a lovely month to see through after April's mishaps and I'm filled with determination to see what June now has in store!

1.  Colours of May

What better way to start the month than with some colour and brightness from these beautiful flowers in the living room.

2. Dawn Chorus

Waking early each day has it's upsides as I am often greeted by the beautiful trilling songs of the starlings which roost in the roof. I was lucky enough to catch this little one on my camera one morning.

3. Blue and Green

Two of my favourite colours in the same place. This photo makes me feel instantly calm.

4. Rhododendrons in Bloom

Walking around the grounds of Workington Hall I found so many beautiful blooms but the rhododendrons were the ones that caught my eye and stole my heart. That shade of pink against the darker green of the leaves is beautiful.

5. Rockets & Florals

Mum's rocket plants have finally bloomed and with me never having seen a rocket flower before I was instantly intrigued. I love the delicate details on the petals and that soft off white colour.

I hope you've all had a lovely May and are looking forward to June as much as I am. I'm taking part in 30 Days Wild over the next month so expect to see lots more nature related posts and photos here!

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!



  1. Can't go wrong with some blue and green, those two colours are just perfect for spring and summer. I have so many blue and green photos!

  2. I love that green and blue photo and the rocket flowers too - I've not seen those before either!

  3. Stunning spring photos. They are full of fresh natural life.

  4. Hi Tasha

    I just came back to answer your question about my camera. I just use a bridge camera. I wouldn't like having to carry lenses around and I know from previous experience that having to swap lenses is a pain (I'd miss good photos or not be able to identify a bird due to not being able to swap a lens in time!).

    My camera was quite expensive (I think!) at £500 but it it good and I love the zoom. I take it out in the rain and I drop it a lot to (it is a bit battered!) but so far, it survives everything I throw at it!

    My current camera is a Nikon coolpix p900 and I wanted it purely for the zoom! I wrote a blog post about it a year ago when I finally got it!


    There may well be a newer, better model out now. I had a p520 before and the p900 is much better. I will say I do sometime struggle to focus on small things but I think that's something you get used to and mostly I can make it work with a bit of patience! If there is a newer model, that might be improved now too. I haven't looked to see if there is as it'll only make me want it so and I really can't afford another camera for a while yet!

  5. I loved watching all the flowers bloom this month. My only complaint is that May just moved way too quickly, I can't believe it is already June!

  6. These are lovely! Really like these!
    The dawn chorus- yes! Our first morning in France was HILARIOUS! The birds started about 4am. One at a time, they joined in making an absolute racket of song- it was like a chaotic orchestra turning up one by one to a rehearsal! CBC and I realised the other was awake and listening by the fact we both simultaneously giggled when a loud Cuckoo joined in the noise. It was SUCH a variety and as we giggled and said, "My goodness!" then a Rooster started!!!x


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