Seven Days of Nature!

At the beginning of last week the lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland set me a challenge on Facebook. 

To take a photo of something nature related for 7 days! 

So with 30 Days Wild coming up again in June, I jumped at the chance to try my hand at this, and set about with my camera over the week trying to capture as many wild moments as I could, which I am afraid does feature a lot of flowers but it was fun to sharpen my ID skills, watch the birds in the garden and enjoy the warmer weather both at work and at home. 

Day 1. Beautiful Blue Speedwell

One of my favourite flowers. They're exceptionally pretty and that blue shade is just lovely. This little one was hidden in amongst the daisies on the lawn, and I was glad to spot them before they disappeared.

Day 2. Charming Cuckoo Flowers

These pastel coloured blooms are always a welcome sight come spring, and have often been one of the first flowers I've spotted each spring in the last few years. They're often also referred to as lady's smock, and I just think they're very pretty. 

Day 3. Happy Hoverfly 

This little footballer hoverfly was a happy sight to see when I came home from work. This little one had gotten trapped inside and after getting a quick photo I gently ushered him outside using a flower where he disappeared off into the sunset.

Day 4. Pretty Pink Cowslip

Snapped on my phone while on my lunch break at work, this beautifully bright patch of pink cowslip was growing along one of the many little ponds where I work, adding dashes of hot pink in amongst the green foliage. 

Day 5. Starlings

Always a welcome sight and a joy to hear! Their songs alone make me happy as I wake up to their dawn chorus each morning, and I often end up watching them flitting to and from their nests which are currently in the roof of our house!

Day 6. Perfectly Purple Pansies

These beautiful flowers have added colour and brightness to the garden. I love them!

Day 7. Delightful Daisies

Always a joy and an instant booster to see.

This was a lot of fun and I hope I can keep this up come June as well! 

Linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Now that's a pretty cool challenge! I think I could manage that :) Great photos as always!

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge :D Day 6 is GORGEOUS!
    I extremely love how vibrant the purple is! ugh love it!
    Jade xo

  3. Love the way you document nature.it looks fresh And inspiring.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  4. What a fun challenge! These are such pretty flowers.

  5. Lovely photos Tasha!
    You really captured the essence of Spring in these few shots.


    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

  6. I really enjoy these kind of posts you make xx

  7. These pansies are gorgeous!!!x


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