Sisterhood of the World Award Tag!

The lovely Jamie from Once Upon a Blog has tagged me in the Sisterhood of the World Awards Tag - which I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of being awarded with before - so a big thank you to Jamie and don't forget to check out her blog too. 

The rules are fairly simple for this one:

1. Thank the blogger for the award given
2. Answer the ten questions given to you
3. Nominate a further 10 bloggers for this award
4. Write another 10 questions for those bloggers to answer
5. Display the award on your blog or in a post

So without further ado, here are my answers to Jamie's questions (you can see Jamie's answers to the previous 10 on her blog.)

1. What song always gets you dancing?

There are so many good songs to choose from, but a fail-sale to get me onto the dance floor is Madonna's early stuff like Dress You Up, Into the Groove and Burning Up. Super funky, upbeat and it always makes me nostalgic as I grew up listening to my Mum playing these songs.

2. What's your favourite chick flick?

Austenland is my all time favourite! Playing on the concept of paying for your very own Jane Austen experience, it just appeals to me on so many levels and it's funny, sweet and uplifting with some hilarious moments and great lines too. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely find it and give it a watch! 
It just makes my heart happy.

3. Who is your best friend?

This is a hard one to answer as I have a small close-knit group of friends from my home-town and university who I've always considered my best friends, and while that little group has grown to encompass even some lovely bloggers, the group has stayed pretty much the same, and they know who they are ;)

4. Which blogging group do you associate more with?

I actually haven't joined any groups since I've started blogging all those years ago, but I suppose I fit quite nicely into the photo bloggers as the majority of my posts feature my attempts at amateur photography as well as encouraging me to be creative.

5. Whose blog post did you last read?

6. Which song is your anthem?

This is one that will probably change and flip-flop over time as I discover new music and bands but I absolutely adore You Get What You Give by New Radials - it's always made me instantly happy and feel just like the kind of song that plays at the very end of a song when the main character's finally feeling good and conquered their demons! The lyrics also mean a lot to me and their positive outlook always serve to give me a boost - and it's great to dance to as well!

7. What toppings would you have on your dream pizza?

There would have to be jalapeños involved! 

8. What theme would your Minnie Ears be?

I saw a Loki pair on Etsy once and thought they were just the coolest thing. 

9. What's the one thing you need to have when you're blogging?

Music (currently listening to Radiohead's new album while I type this), something yummy to drink (it's Coke at the moment) and a comfy chair in which to sit and type!

10. Stars Wars or Star Trek?

Oh my gosh! These questions are so hard to answer. I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars' universe - it's been with me since childhood and R2-D2 will always be close to my heart, but then so has Star Trek - however, I believe my Trek knowledge could be vastly improved, but whenever I see the Tribbles it's a hard one to call, so in the style of Tulio and Miguel from The Road to El Dorado - both. Both.

I feel it only appropriate to end with a shot of this Millenium Falcon origami my Mum made a while back.


Here are my 10 questions:

1. What is your favourite gemstone?
2. If you had to spend the day as any historical figure, who would it be and why?
3. Do you have a favourite genre of film, and if so, why?
4. What was your favourite toy as a child?
5. What was the last book you read that you'd recommend to everyone?
6. What was the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
7. Who would be your dream dinner guests and why?
8. Do you prefer day or night?
9. If space travel became a possibility overnight, where would you go?
10. And because I'm always interested to know this, if time travel were real, what time would you go to?

And I'm tagging 

(fairly random to try and tag people who haven't been tagged yet - but if you want to answer the questions anyway please fee free to!)

Have fun!



  1. Tasha, great to know more about you. These question / answer posts are so much fun (maybe a bit difficult to answer but worth it since it makes you think) ;0)

  2. Great answers and thanks for the tag- I like your questions so I will copy them and do them at some point!
    I really want to see Austenland esp as it has the gorgeous JJ Feild in it!!xx

  3. Well done on your award and some great questions and answers Tasha.

    Many thanks for thinking of me, I'm sure I'll have fun replying to your questions.

  4. I haven't done a tag in ages! I almost thought about taking your questions and putting one together, but I'm so short on blogging time at the moment, that I don't want to commit myself. If I remember next month (I hope I'll have more time) I might come back here and find them :)

    In the tag spirit though:

    Here's my short and sharp answers to a few questions:
    1. None, I never dance (unless much alcohol has been consumed, but since I no longer drink, I no longer dance).
    3. I guess I have to say the Husband, since you know, marriage and all that. Plus, it's true.
    4. I'm starting to think I'm too unsociable to join a group!
    7. Tomatoes. I love tomatoes on pizza.

    and that's all I can think of.

  5. I've just read Kezzie's answers and had to give yours a look too. I'll be answering these questions (Kezzie wanted others to share in her indecision!) they're such good questions!


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