The Harry Potter Tag!

First of all I have to thank the lovely Miriam from It's My Life for tagging me in her Harry Potter tag - I love doing these and am always excited to read everyone else's answers, especially as it's good fun to dive into the books a bit more. Make sure you check out Miriam's blog and feel free to answer these questions too if you're a big HP fan like myself! 

So without further ado, here are my answers to Miriam's questions.

Wands at the ready.

1. What house would you place yourself in and why? Have you taken the Pottermore sorting hat quiz? Where you happy with your result?

Snip taken from the Pottermore website and my personal profile.

I have indeed taking the Pottermore sorting quiz and I am proud to say I'm a Hufflepuff through and through! I also recently took a quiz which told you which combination of houses you were (via BuzzFeed, I believe if you're curious) and was very pleased to get Hufflegryff! I am happy to be a Hufflepuff though and wouldn't change my sorting for the world. 

2. What animal would your patronus be? Why?

I have cheated a tiny bit here as I've taken several quizzes on this as I am always curious to know which animal would suit me best, but my favourite outcome from all of these was the otter. I love otters and they're friendly, family-centric nature thrown in with their puzzle solving skills and love of both the land and the water suits me down to the ground. 

3. What would your favourite subject be?

Care of Magical Creatures hands down!

4. Is there a spell you would use the most? Which one?

Accio for certain. The number of times I've misplaced my phone or my glasses is beyond me so being able to simply 'magic' them out of the air would be very useful. I also love lumos too - instant light!

5. Owl, toad, or a cat, which would you bring? Why?

I would bring along an owl if I could, and if I could choose the species it would have to be a barn owl. They've got such lovely faces and I've always found them very endearing, and have loved them from a young age.

6. Which Hogwarts house would you be least happy to be in? Why?

I think all of the houses have their own merits in their own way, and I wouldn't be unhappy to be sorted into any of them, but I would be surprised to find myself in any house other than Hufflepuff, as I resonate the most with that one and can see the majority of my own qualities within that particular house. Having said that I think that people can find little elements of each house within themselves so if I had to say farewell to Hufflepuff I'm sure I could cope - being at Hogwarts in general, house permitting, would be awesome enough!

7. What is your favourite event/thing/memory of the HP books/movies?

The feeling of getting my hands on the final book. Even though it's sad to say goodbye to something you love, getting to read about the story finally closing and seeing the characters' storylines coming together was brilliant, and the edge of your seat tension was definitely palpable reading through the final book. I loved it!

8. Yep, you guessed it, I'm asking who your favourite character is. I know, it's like choosing a favourite pet.

Ooh, such a tricky question! If I had to pick a favourite character I think it would have to be Luna. She's just so likeable and completely off in her own world and that scene where she painted the mural of her and Harry and the whole trio was just so lovely and brought tears to my eyes. She's the sweetest.

9. Which character do you identify yourself with the most?


It can be crushingly hard to face up to people and fight for what you believe to be right but when the hardest moments hit, finding the courage to fight on can be your defining moment and I hope I've had the courage to find my strength in awful situations when I've needed to be able to.
10. What career would you follow after Hogwarts?

I would love to be a magizoologist (it does exist - I checked the Harry Potter wiki!) because of course being able to study all of those wonderful and amazing magical creatures would not only be a job but a joy as well.

Thank you to Miriam for these amazing questions and if you'd like to answer these please feel free to!

Hope you've all had a lovely start to the weekend!



  1. I think an otter patronus would be pretty awesome!

  2. I loved reading this! :) Your answers are so similar to what mine would be, although I'm a Ravenclaw! Luna is also my favourite character :) I'll definitely have to do this tag on my blog some day!


  3. Ooh this is so fun! I am definitely a Ravenclaw, which I at first thought wasn't very exciting, but when I realized that it describes me completely, I loved it! It's so hard to pick a favorite character, but I have always loved Fred and George.

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  5. What a great set of questions! I enjoyed reading your answers. I have had a soft spot for neville since reading the first book, I feel like in many ways he was a good representative of the reader within the books.

    I like how you were so diplomatic in answering question 6. I think that really proves your point about being a hufflepuff :)

    I hope you had a great weekend! 😆x

  6. Thank you thank you thank you! Your answers were awesome! I agree with Annie ^^^ with how you answered question 6. Also, Neville and Luna are sweethearts. I still remember the excitement of gettin my hands on the Harry Potter books when they came out :) Again, thank you! X

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  8. Love these!!! It would take a LOT of thought to answer these!!! I love that you are a Hufflepuff- you are loyal and loveable so I can totally understand that. I think I would probably end up in Ravenclaw because of the Academic thing- too much of a scaredycat for Gryffindor, too lackking in self confidence for Slytherin, not nice enough for Hufflepuff!x


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