30 Days Wild: Days 1 - 5

Welcome everyone to the first in a series of posts documenting my second time taking part in 30 Days Wild. It was set up by The Wildlife Trust, and encourages people to connect with nature each day for 30 days through a series of activities from simply taking a photo each day to scheduled voluntary activities, and the lovely Louise from Ramblings of a Roachling, even extended this to carry over into what became 366 Days Wild, which you can see on her blog here

I'll try to split these up into weekly update posts but since we had a Bank Holiday on Monday and the 1st of June only started on the Wednesday I may have a few posts that run over, so apologies, and without further ado, here are my first 5 days!

I spotted this gorgeous cinnabar moth - my first ever sighting - while out for a lunchtime wander at work. A lot of these were taken on my phone hence some of the blurry shots, but I hope you can see those stunning red markings against the black wings.

Another lunchtime wander, where I decided to take my lunch outside and sit by the pond today. There are lots of these pretty yellow flag flowers blooming around the bank of this pond and I was lucky enough to see dragonflies flitting about over the surface of the water - a big change from sitting in the office and much appreciated!

This beautiful shrub with it's bright, yellow leaves is gorgeous when the sunlight finally shines on it and I couldn't pass up the importunity to take some photos today. 

Some more time in the garden this morning and these lovely wild orange poppies have popped up overnight and with the sun shining it's a colourful addition to the garden!

With the lilac tree still in full bloom despite a few petals now falling away, it's still the first place I head to take a photo and I found this ant searching away on this petal today.

I hope you've all had a good week and if you're taking part in this as well, let me know so I cna visit your blogs and read your posts!

Have a great week ahead!



  1. Bet there's cinnies about today! Alas I'm at bloody work as soon as the sun comes out, as usual

  2. Your talent always amazes me...every time. I love the capture of the yellow shrub :)

  3. wow lunch by pond how peaceful and relaxing loved the flowers and liked the moth too you captured them well dear

  4. Oh wow, sounds really cool! I haven't actually heard of the 30 days wild project before, but that's totally the kind of thing I love - so I'll ave to check it out and maybe join in. I love all your photos but I especially love the picture of lilac! Hope you're keeping well Tasha xx

  5. Those are beautiful flowers Tasha! Nature is always at its best. Have a great day! :D -Fiona

  6. How lovely and well spotted in the case of that ant.

    How vibrant is the yellow of that shrub. I see them in many gardens where I live and whilst they look gorgeous sadly they are really strongly perfumed and cause me to wheeze.

  7. What lovely selection of photos, warm greetings!

  8. A great firs few days! I'd really wish I had somewhere like your pond to go when I work full days... it's just a staffroom for me, small and crowded, surrounded by houses with a half hour lunch break (officially) that's realistically 20 minutes, there just isn't time for wild lunching! Oh to eat with a dragonfly rather than people!

  9. How did I not know about 30 Days Wild? I'm tempted to join in late! It's such a great idea! I love all of your photographs, they are lovely :) I especially adore the photos of the Cinnabar Moth. I'm super jealous, I still haven't seen one of these beauties in the wild! The lilac tree photo is gorgeous too! x

  10. What a cool moth! I've never seen one like that before and orange poppies! How cool!

  11. Great collection of photos - I look forward to seeing more!

    We have a lot of cinnabar moths locally and they are quite beautiful, especially when in flight.

  12. You've given me the brilliant idea to go and sit in our Wildlife area at school one lunchtime!!!! Love what you gave done!!!x


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