30 Days Wild: Days 13 - 19

As everyone else has already pointed out, this month is whizzing by and I don't know where the days are going - does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?! Having said that though, I am loving this month with the extra added challenge of doing something wild each day, it's been great and has been keeping me smiling over the past couple of weeks.

Here are my 30 Days Wild entries for days 13 through to 19.

 Lovely, lovely lander. I adore the scent of lavender, I find it instantly calming and therapeutic and as soon as the flowers start to bloom I feel instantly happy, so they had to feature somehow in my challenge.

 They may not be everyone's favourite creature, but this yellow slug (I believe this is limacus flavus) caught my eye as soon as I stepped outside. That bright shade of yellow coupled with those almost leopard like markings were just too pretty to pass up a chance to get a photo. Definitely one of my highlights of this week for me!

Daisies and hoverflies. You can't go wrong with some sunny, happy daisies and some friendly, perfectly still hoverflies. I have to thank this little hoverfly too as he went to fly away before deciding against it and settling back down for a feed, so thank you!

Some beautiful, pastel coloured sea thrift after a brief trip to the coast while the tide was in. (More photos of my brief seaside trip that day to come in my next Photo Friday!) I love these flowers and they are currently blooming all along the coast at St Bees right now.

Back down to the beach today and I managed to catch some video footage of the adorable and very vocal sand martins, which were wheeling and diving through the air, as well as entering and leaving their cute nests which were dotted amongst the cliffs here, which are the little holes you can see above in amongst the sandstone. And then, as an added bonus, when I got back home the spiraea bush had sprung into life!

The sun was out in full force this afternoon so my family and I took a quick trip down to the beach and wandered along the shore, looking at the rock pools. I managed to spot a few little flat fish and crabs hidden in amongst the seaweed! 

This little heart and dart moth (Agrotis exclamationis) found it's way into my room and while he was having a rest I took a couple of photos (apologies for the lighting change, going from a well lit room to a darker one didn't help!) before he disappeared off somewhere. I left my window open all night so I'm guessing he found his way back out as I haven't seen him since!

How has your wild week been?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead!



  1. A lovely collection of wild things! I love the photo for Day 18 and the slug too!

  2. I'm really struggling for moths this year. And I miss the nature of the sea, live a bit far away.

  3. Lovely photos! I love taking photos of flowers - they totally brighten up my day!!!!!!!!

    Noor | Noor's Place

  4. Ooh I love lavender! I grew it a couple years ago but it didn't come back the next year. I'll have to try it again. I've always thought slugs were kinda cute, but I am annoyed with them lately because they have been eating my plants.

  5. Dear Tasha - I like your gentle eyes toward not only beautiful flowers but also slug and moth. Hope you enjoy the rare “strawberry moon” tonight. My area is covered with heavy rain clouds.


  6. Another awesome 30 Days Wild post :) I'm really enjoying them! Your photography is lovely. I really like the photograph of the yellow slug; I love snails & slugs. The spiraea bush is gorgeous! My favourite photo of all is the day 15's hoverfly photo :) Hoverflies are beautiful and I love taking photos of them. I'm looking forward to your next 30 Days Wild post.


  7. OK, the yellow slug is the coolest thing I've seen in ages!


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