30 Days Wild: Days 20 - 26

As another sunny but politically fraught week comes to a close, I am feeling much better and am back to my usual self, and to try and ease much of the tension brought around by the EU Referendum I've been focusing on getting in as many wild moments as I possible could!

Summer is now officially here, and I've been poring over the beautiful shots of the strawberry moon, having been too ill to go and seek it out in person, we've had some beautifully sunny skies, lot of moths on the wing, the lavender finally in full bloom and I'm feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, ready for the rest of June and continuing on with 30 Days Wild!

Next week will be the final week of 30 Days Wild and it's been another brilliant challenge that I've loved every second of and I'm excited to see how many other different species I can capture in my final four days!

Here are my 30 Days Wild entries for days 20 through to 26.

A little buff tailed bumblebee collecting nectar from the spiraea bush which is now in full bloom and looking gorgeously pink in the front garden! I spent some time following this particular bee on it's rounds in the garden until he buzzed off into the sunset.

 Some amazing skies today with lots of wonderful cloud shapes. My favourites were these lovely, wispy trails across the skyline - just stunning! The trees and bushes served as a lovely foreground too while I was out with my camera in the garden this evening and I spent a good while just sitting and staring at the sky to cool off in the evening.

The lavender bush is now in full bloom and the bees have already been visiting. The air at night is now filled with the gorgeous and calming scent of lavender, and Mum has been collecting some of the flowers to make little scented bundles for the bedrooms too.

There's lots of selfheal growing on the lawn at the moment, and this is another plant which I'd spotted so many times before but never found the name for. I love the delicate pink and purple petals on these small flowers, very pretty!

The fuchsia bush is continuing to bloom away and with the sun shining, the bright pink and deep purple coloured flowers look beautiful when framed against the sky.

Some more time spent cloud watching today and I loved all of the different shapes and types in the skies above. I think my favourite one has to be the top right-hand side photo - they reminded me so much of waves in the sky! I never get tired of watching the skies and there's always something new to see. I also spent some time watching the seagulls soar on the thermals as the day came to a close.

A little brown house moth (I believe - slightly hard to ID as this was taken indoors and with the light coming through the curtains the little moth just melted into the background!) was fitting around my bedroom so I took a few photos before opening the window to let him out. I have't seen this little one since so I hope he got out of the window in search of freedom!

How did you spend your wild week?

Hope you all have a lovely start to the week!



  1. Lovely collection of photographs, I've been outside for hours today trying to destress and de-anger

  2. I just love those chubby little bumble bees! Nothing like being out in nature to take your mind off of stressful things :)

  3. The bumble bee is my favourite - I don't think we get them here in Australia, at least I've never seen one. Moths however we have in abundance but I like his little silhouette on the white fabric.

  4. Absolutely breathtaking pictures, I love all, thank you for sharing!!!



  5. This is why I want a garden! I really struggle to go far anymore now that Baker is so timid and I don't want to leave him in the house. Just being able to go out into a garden with plants and bees and clouds is the best medicine for most things.

    Danielle xo

  6. Nature is the best. So are bright blue skies, you can never go wrong with that. Clouds fascinate me, I like seeing all their different shapes and patterns. Especially the wispy ones!

  7. Ooooh, cloud spotting is my favourite (oooh, this reminds me- my latest 'What is it?' is up for your lovely imagination!). The garden is so pretty, such nice flowers! What a jolly bumblebee, he is so cute!


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