As Calm as the Sea

The past couple of weeks have seen me sitting in bed, huddled up in my covers, recovering from a horrible cold that rendered me pretty much lifeless for a good fortnight. I'm still on the mend but am hoping that as the week draws to a close I can finally say goodbye to this cold and be back to full health by the weekend, hooray!

So what better way to chase off a horrid, cold-ridden fortnight than with some pretty, pastel coloured coastal scenes from last weekend?

The grassy areas surrounding the coast are now carpeted with lovely pink and white sea thrift, which my mum was able to identify for me. These were some of the first flowers I took photos of as soon as I first moved up here back in 2014 so it was nice to finally put a name to these pretty flowers. There were lots of flies and bees hovering around these and sand martins flitting about overhead.

The sea was still and calm and my Mum, brother and I went and sat down by the shore, just listening to the waves roll in. I went and stood by the groynes at one point and watched the sand martins flying around overhead (more on those birds in my previous 30 Days Wild round-up!)

The groynes which run along the shore are always a draw for me to take lots of photos as I love the textures and shapes. There's always lots of rope and bits of string which have come from old fishing nets wrapped around the groynes and the flash of blue against the grainy wood is always pretty to see. The next time I'm down here I'll have to make sure I get a couple of photos of them up close!

The moon had joined us at this point, and if you look closely you can see it in the right hand corner of the photo. I love the few, wispy clouds in the sky too. The different shades of blue and event that faint yellow shade were inspiring me to come home and paint, and I did!

Walking along the beach when the tide isn't out can prove to be tricky, especially when I came down to the beach in my flats and not my walking boots (silly Tasha) but I love seeing the pebbles and I often end up picking some up to take home with me if I ever spot any interesting patterns. The end photo with the two big, sandy coloured pebbles made me smile as I stumbled upon these as if someone had just left them on top of the groyne here and they looked like some dragon eggs that had been left behind!

 It was wonderfully calm, and with it being around 8:30 in the evening there were very few people around, so it was the perfect time of day to recharge my batteries and connect with the ocean. I'm hoping to get back down here next week when the tide is out so I can explore the rock pools once more, which should have some new and interesting creatures around now that it's summer time.

I'm linking up with the ever lovely Jen for Photo Friday today.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Beautiful photos Tasha, I hope you're feeling much better soon xxx

  2. I do enjoy seeing thrift, it's a lovely colour. Only ever seen it on the Lincs coast, when I walked 10 miles along the beach.

  3. Love the sea pictures. Always makes me think about physical geography!! Long shore drift and erosion. Ahh. Hope the bug goes soon!!

  4. Lovely photos! Sorry to hear you've been unwell - you've done well to keep 30 Days Wild going!

  5. Ug I hope that cold goes away real soon! It seems whenever I get sick it just seems to stick around for weeks on end. Definitely no fun! These are really lovely and serene photos! :)

  6. Dear Tasha - A walk along the coast of the sea is so soothing. Your photos show it. I checked the name of “sea thrift” in Japanese to find a lovely name “hama kanzashi”. “Hama” is beach, “kanzashi” is hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hair style. Have a nice weekend, free of cold symptoms.


  7. I hope that you continue to feel better, Natasha <3 and I love that photo with the moon in it!

  8. Hoi Tasha, your photos are so beautiful. I love them. The last one is so nice.

  9. wonderful calm views Tasha! I hope you get better soon!
    Warm hugs,
    Jade xo

  10. Ah, it's just such a perfect setting for a walk. Definitely the place to recharge after a long week! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. I love a good wander on a pebble beach - this looks like a really great location. You've shared some really great captures, but I especially like the composition in both the second picture shared as well as the last.

    I hope you feel fresh and rejuvenated soon, Tasha!

  12. So soothing! I am in an absolute STINKER of a bad mood with Scottish Power who I am on hold to (and have been for 20minutes)- I am going to lynch someone when I eventually get through to them for the complete cockup they have made of the process of switching suppliers but your pictures have somehow taken the edge of my absolute rage!


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