Infinity Dreams Awards Tag!

A big thank you to the lovely Sarah from Raiin Monkey for tagging me in the Infinity Dreams Awards Tag - I've never been tagged in this one before! Make sure you check out Sarah's blog to see her answers to the previous 11 questions as well. 

The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who tagged you for the Infinity Dreams Awards
2. State 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions that you were asked by the blogger who tagged you
4. Think of 11 questions for the bloggers you tag to answer
5. Tag other bloggers

11 Facts About Myself:

1. My favourite animal is a horse but I also adore gorillas and monkeys, particularly golden lion tamarins - they're so tiny and cute!
2. I'm slowly growing my own little gemstone / fossils collection - one day my room will end up looking like a mini museum!
3. My old science teacher at secondary school has a Burmese python called Lucky which was apparently one of the stunt snakes used in the first Harry Potter film and during the end of year festival you could hold him and have your photo taken - I didn't anticipate how heavy he'd be and how strong, but sadly I don't have the photo anymore - boo!
4. The first pony I ever had a riding lesson on was a black and white paint called Jazz - a great name for a pony in my opinion.
5. I love the colour green.
6. I'd definitely fit in well with Hobbit kind standing at just 5"2 - I'm a shorty!
7. My current favourite TV show is Gotham - Penguin for the win.
8. My favourite video game to this day remains Spyro The Dragon.
9. My favourite flower is a daffodil
10. My dream travel destination is currently Kyoto - I spend a lot of time day dreaming about visiting the shrines and the bamboo forest there.
11. With each Pokemon game and that classic first choosing I always go for Grass Pokemon - Team Grass!

And, here are my answers to Sarah's 11 questions!

What's your favourite insect?

A tough question to answer but if I had to pick just one it would be the common blue damselfly. I took this photo (above) a good few years ago while I was still living in Milton Keynes, and it remains one of my favourites to this very day. I also adore dragonflies but I've yet to get a photo of them!

2. Which do you prefer - white, milk or dark chocolate?

Ooh, another tough one, but ultimately I'm a sucker for white chocolate, currently sprinkled over popcorn - too good! Having said that, dark chocolate flavoured with orange is delicious - Green & Black's do a really yummy version with blood orange. 

3. What is your favourite topics to blog about or type / style of post to write?

My favourites are about nature and wildlife (suprise, surprise!) but I also love the DIY posts I do for Two Uses Tuesday - the more origami the better!

4. List one thing you're looking forward to this summer.

Evening walks along the beach over at St Bees. This photo is from 2009 from one of the many holidays we took all those years ago before moving, and it was as balmy and warm as it is today! There were several dogs all playing together there in the surf. 

5. What's the best toy you've ever gotten inside a Kinder Egg?

I think the one I enjoyed the most was quite recent! I love Kinder Eggs, I just think they're very cute. But I got one that had a little koala perching on a branch inside it, and I think I've still got it somewhere in my room. It was a very prominent feature on my bookshelf for a long time so I need to get it out and fine a new home for it again.

6. Tell us about something embarrassing or super adorable that you did when you were a child?

I would go into the garden and 'act out' my own little stories, playing all of the parts, doing all of the voices and getting completely lost in my own little world for several hours at a time and I remember that I used to get annoyed that I had to go to bed when it was still light outside during the summer because I wanted to play! A lot of the 'stories' involved horses and fantasy elements when I was younger, and now instead of wandering around in the garden I just write about them instead - but secretly I still want to be able to run around the garden like I used to.


7. What's your favourite lipstick shade?

I have a lipstick from a while back which I can't remember the brand of but it was one which was moisturising and was a subtle peach shade called Nudist Peach - great name for a lipstick!

8. Last movie/TV show that made you cry?

Game of Thrones, and don't worry I won't spoil it for anyone but yes, Game of Thrones. I cried. A lot.

9. Name something on your wishlist right now and tell us why you want it.

A camera has been on my list for a long time and not because I don't love my little point and click, but because I want to learn more about photography and get better at it. Seeing all of these amazing photos from other bloggers and other photographers always spurs me on to hone and craft my skills and I think the next step with that is to upgrade my tools and practise a bit more. 

10. What's your dream job?

If I could choose my dream job I would happily become a zoologist overnight. Being able to study and work with animals and the natural world would be an absolute joy, but in the same vein I would love to work for a charity or organisation that works with people and the planet, something like the WWF or the Born Free Foundation. 

A plus for this question: Working as one of the people who gets to capture all of the amazing shots for documentaries like the BBC's Life would be insanely cool!

11. Recommend a blog that you enjoy reading.

Mindi from Lady Serpentine started her second / side blog project Happy Herping a little while ago and if you're into reptiles and amphibians you'll love it. It features interviews, stunning photography and lots of really interesting information on reptiles and amphibians, whether you own your own or are interested in taking on a lizard, snake or frog, it's a great resource and fun too.

This is the most recent post, an interview with Katie Garrett on amphibian conversation and filmmaking.  

And here are my 11 questions


1. What song has been stuck in your head / have you been humming for the past few days?
2. If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be?
3. Which animal do you think you're most like?
4. What's your favourite photo you've taken from any previous summer holiday?
5. Current favourite food / dish?
6. What's your favourite quote?
7. What was the last film you saw?
8. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
9. Favourite summertime memory?
10. What TV show are you currently loving and would recommend to everyone?
11. What's your favourite character? Can be from a book, film or TV series.

I'm going to be tagging:

Thank you again to Sarah and if you want to answer these questions yourself, please do as I love seeing people's replies!

Hope you're all well!



  1. I'm so glad you did this tag! I was going to nominate you myself but I saw that Sarah already had. I think you will definitely get that dream job in working with wildlife one day hun, you're so passionate about it and your photography is just fab.

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

  2. I can't stand white chocolate - how do you even eat it?!?! ;))
    Congrats on the award. Lovely to read your answers.

  3. Hi lovely! Thanks for tagging me again. I almost finished the last one but then went away. I love your answers! I was so happy to hear you say that about acting out your own stories in the garden. I used to do that too! Hours and hours of it!!!x

  4. I really loved your answers and learning more about you! I'm also 5'2'' :) haha I'd love to see a blog post about your fossil and gemstone collection some day! I love gemstones, I used to collect them too but they've been packed away somewhere when my family were decorating so I don't know where half of them are. They are so pretty! My favourite stone that I own is a piece of peacock ore. I will also forever be a fan of Spyro the Dragon!

    Wow, what an awesome fact about your science teachers python! :) It's also a dream of mine to visit Kyoto (plus a massive list of other Japanese towns!). We seem to have so much in common haha my favourite colour is green, we share a passion for wildlife photography and we have the same dream job! It's fantastic.

    Your damselfly photograph is amazing! Common blue damselflies are gorgeous insects. The pond on my university campus was surrounded by them. I'll never forget the first time I ever saw them. I'd just finished an exam and I was really stressed so I decided to walk back to my accomodation via the woods. I was daydreaming, feeling at peace surrounded by nature and listening to birds tweeting. I crossed over the small bridge in the woods and I saw some flashes of bright blue go past me. It felt almost magical. I turned around and saw loads of these pretty blue damselflies all over the plants by the pond :) It was such a shame I didn't have my camera on me. Your photograph perfectly captures their beauty :)

    I'm definitely gonna have to try the chocolate sprinkled over popcorn, it sounds so yummy. I'm lovin' your kinder egg answer! I also have a little figure from the Australia collection, a platypus and I love it so much :) I cried at GoT too :'(

    Awww your answer to question 6 is adorable! I remember being really annoyed when I was made to go to bed and the sun was still shining outside. Sometimes I could hear other children still playing outside and would be so jealous :D Thankyou for the link to Happy Herping. Reptiles are my favourite animals and herpetology is the area of zoology I'd most love to have a career in one day.

    I hope you can get yourself a nice new camera soon and have fun at St. Bees beach :) x

  5. I saw some Lion Tamarins last time I visited the zoo and I couldn't believe how cute they were! I love animals and nature too, and am always asking myself why I didn't study zoology in school..

    That is super neat your got to meet the python that was in Harry Potter!

    I would so love to see your gemstone and fossil collection. I have two fossils of my own and I love them. :)

  6. White chocolate on popcorn?? That sounds like a game changer!!
    Loved finding out a bit more about you Tasha, these things are great for that!
    M x

  7. Green all the way. I love me some green colours. Also, I'm a proud member of the 5'2'' club too :)

    I used to have Spyro on the Playstation when I was a kid... I really enjoyed the game, I was just really awful at it too. Me and computer games, are not a good combination.

  8. Oh gosh, so much content all in one post I don't know where to start commenting.
    Run around the garden while you write! Which episode of GOT? And do save up for a camera and then lenses! Lenses are more important then the camera. My favourite features on my current DSLR compared to my first digital camera is the extra ISO and the flip out screen for taking shots at weird angles.


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