I've rediscovered my watercolours this week, having been ill for much of the past fortnight, and have set about drawing, doodling and creating. Good or bad, the main thing is that I've been doing something creative each week, and with each time I pick up my brush I'm improving too. For this week my imagination was captured by volcanoes!

I have a big book that I got for £1.00 a while back in the sale at WHSmiths, titled 501 Islands You Must Visit (fueling my wanderlust!), and there are some stunning photos of Bougainvillea in there, an island found in Papua New Guinea (definitely on my travel list!). The shots of the volcanoes there caught my eye and being the ever geeky geographer I am, I knew I had to re-create my very own watercolour version.

I was trying to focus on my blending skills here and the volcano had a nice variety of vegetation and scree slopes to practise against, as well as blending in the forest in the background and the sky. I'm going to add in some more detail at some point, especially around the crater area and along the plume but for a first draft I was quite pleased, especially with the myriad of colours! 

I'm linking up with Sarah and Stella today for Two Uses Tuesday.

Hope you've all had a good start to the week!



  1. Your water colors are dreamy! I hope you feel better real soon!

  2. This is a lovely picture. The colours are fantastic and you've really captured something special about the volcano.

    Get well soon lovely!

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