30 Days Wild: Days 27 - 30

So 30 Days Wild has finally come to an end! While this week has been a considerably shorter one than it's predecessors, it's also been one of the nicest in terms of relaxing wild moments, which I'm very thankful for as life has been stressful recently so it's been really nice to come home and spend time in the garden; spotting butterflies and bees, listening to the birds, admiring the wildflowers around the pond at work and generally taking in the fresh air and the sun while out and about. 

Being back at work this week I took full advantage of the ponds on site and made sure I had a wild wander each lunchtime, as well as more everyday tasks such as feeding the birds, watching the sun rise, and set, and sky watching - taking in all of the different clouds shapes as they drift lazily by.

30 Days Wild 2016 - you've been brilliant!

So without futher ado, here are my 30 Days Wild entries for days 27 through to 30.

 I spent more time by the pond at work today where the grass and bullrushes had sprouted up almost overnight, with water lilies covering the edges of the surface of the water. It was beautiful, but sadly I couldn't get a better photo than this as I didn't have my usual camera on me! I just love the reflection on the surface of the water in this one.

Another break at lunchtime today and I strolled farther along to one of the more secluded ponds. There were these huge, very prehistoric looking plants growing fairly close to the water and I had to get photos. I also found lots of what I think is either yellow flag or an iris of some sort. The yellow shade is just gorgeous!

 A long and tiring day at the office meant the spiraea bushes were calling again and there were plenty of bumbling bees about, so I sat and watched them for a good while as they went about collecting pollen.

Ending this week on a high in a slightly different location. I took a quick wander down to Bassenthwaite Lake and sat by the water's edge as the waves gently lapped against the pebbles, and while the clouds were rolling in, it was still as relaxing as ever. 

Getting involved in this challenge again this year has been great and if this is happening again in 2017 I'll definitely be taking part again!

Thank you to everyone who commented and enjoyed these posts - if you've been doing this as well, what was your favourite wild moment?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. The pond pictures really do look wild!

  2. 30 days wild missed the sudden eruption here of burnet moths we've had in the last couple of days

  3. Lovely photos! My favourite are the ones of the secluded pond at your work :) It looks so pretty & I bet it's teeming with wildlife. The bumble bee on the spiraea bush is also really nice! I'm definitely going to be joining in with this challenge next year :) x

  4. A lovely end to 30 Days Wild! I thought it was brilliant that you had a pond where you work and now I see you actually have several - lucky you!

  5. Well done on 30 Days Wild. Loving all of these pictures, the first of which I can see gracing a greetings card or even a book cover.

  6. Oh, I'm jealous of your lake by your work place! We work at a constant building site, so it's all concrete, gravel and cars. But it is on the edge of town, so I can see a glimpse of the countryside!

  7. Oh wow, what a LOVELY pond to have near work! It's beautiful! But of course, you live in the Lake District, so it is beautiful!!!


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