Calming Coniston

 At the weekend my family and I took a trip out to Coniston to see the lake and have a wander. The weather was decidedly wet and overcast, but it was still refreshing and rejuvenating, with the sound of running water, the calls of ducks and seagulls in the distance and the miles of greenery all around. I will definitely be coming back here at some point! 

Lots of greenery and a river. Even through it was raining this was still thoroughly calming! 

There was a fairly large river running along towards Coniston which had all different types of plants growing alongside it, but the ferns caught my eye the most - they remind me of what the area must have looked like millions of years ago as they're just such prehistoric looking plants to me. I've got some more shots of the plants here which I'll definitely be sharing at a later date!

The lake is a large one with it's own marina and I imagine that during the day, particularly when it's hot, it gets pretty busy here. There are plenty of walks and the fresh, lakeside air was just what I needed! The grassy area running along the river also extended out which I can imagine is a great habitat and nesting area for the resident wildlife. 

Apologies for this shot not being the best but this little family had already swum quite far out before I could catch up.  But these, I believe, are a family of grebes (don't take my word for it - any advice from fellow birders appreciated!) and this family were swimming along the river before heading out onto the lake, and away from my camera's range! 

I also spotted this little group of ducks which were relaxing on the shore and as I came over to say hello and take a few photos they all drifted over for a closer look. 

Sadly I didn't have any food for them, which is what I think they were hoping for, but maybe I should bring some along next time. My friends and I used to go to our local pet shop, buy duck and geese feed / pellets and take them down to the local park so I'll have to do that at some point!

Ducks are just lovely, aren't they?

Too cute!

I could quite happily sit by any body of water and just listen to the sound of it all day. A few moments earlier I also managed to spot a heron flying off into the undergrowth, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some fish swimming around here too! 

The clouds were just starting to clear as we went to leave and the ducks were quacking away in the distance.

Coniston is a very pretty place and with the Bluebird Cafe sitting right on the shoreline, overlooking the marina, I'll definitely have to come back here when it's a little sunnier to have a cool drink while taking in the fresh, lakeside air. There's also a route which is supposed to stretch around or alongside the lake and through Coniston, so hopefully at some point I can find it and go exploring! 

If you're ever in the area definitely check out their local fish and chips shop, the chips are delicious!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday this week.

Have a lovely Friday!



  1. What a beautiful setting. Beautiful pictures and I love ferns. So I think the first one is the most beautiful pictures. Have a lovely Friday too!

  2. It's amazing how calming water is, even through a computer screen. Such a beautiful spot to take the camera and go shooting. The black ducks are stunning and all I can tell you about the other water birds is that they look different to our local grebes. Not very helpful am I?

  3. I really like the first photo with the ferns in the foreground & the Duck photos. I love ducks. I agree about sitting listening to water whether it's a river flowing, a waterfall or waves at the beach. It's just so calming.

  4. It's a pity the sun didn't shine that day for you and your family, though nevertheless I can imagine how beautifully calming the water must have been! :)


  5. clean river so that water flowing is also clear that the goose can make effervescent playing in the river.

    please permit follow your website

  6. Kalau dikampungku hewan tersebut namanya Bebek. Sungainya sungguh luas.

  7. It's a lovely view looking out over the water with the ferns overhanging the bank.

  8. Yes, I'd say they were grebes - great crested grebes. I think you can tell from the lovely elegant head shape. Did you know that when grebes are courting, they will dive down and find some water weed which they will then wave at their selected mate. I found this a lovely idea, so Mr FD and I would wave grass at each other from time to time when we were courting. 31 years later we're not so romantic!!!

  9. Nothing wrong with a little rain and it enhances the photos. I was thinking prehistoric as well when I saw the gorgeous ferns along the river. Seems like a lovely area.

  10. I do love the posts about your little jaunts out and about. You got some lovely pictures here. I hope you have been having another nice weekend! 😆x

  11. I do love the posts about your little jaunts out and about. You got some lovely pictures here. I hope you have been having another nice weekend! 😆x

  12. Oh I love places like this! I love feeding the ducks too, so I carry around a little bag of oats and sunflowers seeds with me all the time just incase there's a chance to feed the ducks haha! Well, except this morning...

  13. I need to be in a places like this. My kids and I always enjoy beautiful outdoors and those ducks are so lovely as well :)

  14. ahh beautiful! So calming indeed! That's definitely a nice place where one can go for a walk!
    Jade xo


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