Ocean Blue

Summertime calls for evenings spent strolling along the beach and with the superbly sunny weather we've been having recently, I couldn't pass up the chance to get out and soak up the sun, dip my toes in the sea and listen to the seagulls calling as they soared across the sky!

The tide was out, the sun was high in the sky and the rockpools were free to wander amongst. I spotted plenty of crabs and lots of adorable tiny, speckled fish which were burying themselves in the sand - the camouflage level is amazing for those little fish!

The sunshine was reflecting off of the waves in beautiful, dazzling patterns. It was lovely to take a moment and stand in the surf while the waves rolled in. 

I could quite happily have stood there all day just watching the sun play on the water's surface. Beautiful!

The sound of the waves was a welcome one after a long day, and there were several boats sailing further out in the distance. It would have been the perfect day for it as there was a cool breeze with clear views out across the horizon.

Now that it's summer I'll definitely be coming back as the days get hotter and longer, especially as I want to spend some more time in amongst the rockpools with my camera. There were lots of interesting shells and pebbles which I didn't get any shots of as I was too busy enjoying having a wander so that's definite;y on my to-do list for this summer!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday today.

Have a lovely Friday and weekend!



  1. I absolutely love how you captured the sun in th first shot and how the light shines on all the greenery! :D

  2. I live near the beach lately its always windy and stormy so this is nice to see. Something to lift up my gloomy spirit. Thanks for sharing. #photofriday

  3. Dear Tasha - I like the reflections of the sunshine and the sky on the sea. The shimmering on the silvery blue sea is so beautiful in your photos. Look forward to your captures of the rock pools.


  4. Tasha these are stunning! I always love how the sun kisses the water but struggle to capture it in photos and you did an awesome job <3

    Danielle xo

  5. THe dinky fish are proaly gobies. What a gorgeous day too

  6. It must be lovely living close to the coast. I love how the sun glistens on the water - great captures, Tasha!

  7. Great post! I loved reading it. You painted a perfect picture in my mind with your words :) Lovely photos too x

  8. I am happy summer is here! We have already camped about three times. You know, I have not spent a lot of time by the beach these last couple of months. I think I need to plan more days next to the beach. Hope your summer continues to be great!

  9. I wish I could go to the sea more often! These are beautiful photos.

  10. I haven't been to the sea yet, this year! We must take a trip before the summer ends (if it ever gets started! Kris loves rock poles, he's forever got his hands in them to see what's in there haha!

  11. Oh these are soooooooooooooo beautiful! What gorgeous views- truly expansive and wonderful!x


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