Project 365: The Favourite Five - July!

July has been a month of mixed emotions and stops and starts, so I'm looking forward to August and the promise of a new start that each month brings. However, my birthday was wonderful and helped to remind me of how kind and giving my family and friends are and meant a very welcome trip out to the beautiful Ambleside. Driving through the Lakes is an instant tonic for the soul, I feel!

I also want to thank everyone who sent me lovely birthday wishes both on my blog and through Facebook and Twitter, they all really made me smile and I felt very loved! I'll be sharing my photos from my birthday this Friday so I can show you what I got up to then. 

So here are my five favourite photos from this month's 365 Project!

1. Cloud Penguins

I was out on this day and spotted this strikingly shaped cloud which was drifting lazily across the sky. It reminded me so much of a penguin once it's dived into the water and it instantly cheered me up and made me smile for the rest of the day. Sometimes it's truly the simple thing, so thank you, cloud penguin for brightening up my day! 

2. Rosebay Willowherb

These gorgeously bright, pink flowers were growing by the verges while out, and I loved their colour. - if I could bottle a shade and take it with me to bring out when I'm feeling low, this bright pink would definitely be one of them! There were lots of bees and butterflies flying in and out of the flowers to collect nectar and it was really soothing to just sit by these, watching the clouds drift by and admiring these flowers. 

3. Little Forest Guardian

My Mum made me a few of these cute little DIY project in the run up to my birthday and this one was definitely my favourite. She'd covered a small sweet box with brown paper before adding on all of the other decorations, along with a very cute little face, to create this miniature forest guardian for my room, so thank you Mum!

4. Blue Blue

Glittering, blue, ocean water, and sea breezes are always an instant pick-me-up in my book. Short and sweet but I think this photo speaks for itself - the sea is a true cure for everything!

5. Sunflower Shine

Mum brought some beautiful sunflowers this week, and walking into the kitchen to see these yellow beauties in a vase are the loveliest thing, especially after a bad day. I adore daffodils and while they're always going to be my favourite flower, sunflowers do take some beating and are a definite close second! I just smile as soon as I see them. 

I've been forgetting to add these into my posts, but if you want to see my project so far and how I've been doing, you can go here

If you're still doing Project 365 how have you spent your July? 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and that your start to the week goes just as smoothly for you all!



  1. That ocean view is spectacular! Glad July jad some peaks and that you had a good birthday. I do hope August is full of many more of the good moments by comparison!

  2. That ocean view is spectacular! Glad July jad some peaks and that you had a good birthday. I do hope August is full of many more of the good moments by comparison!

  3. That cloud penguin is perfect, I hope August is amazing for you and happy belated birthday.

  4. I'm with you, I'm looking forward to August, July was a bit of a mess of a month. I love the start of the month for it's fresh feeling!

    I'm jealous of your cloud penguin... I have never seen one before :(

    Oh that sea view! I love it!

  5. Five great photos (I think I missed some of those on 365!) - love the penguin.

  6. I love seeing shapes in clouds, that is deffo a penguin haha! The sea and sunflowers are two of my fave things, never fail to make me smile :) xo

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