The Rainbow Beetle

Sketching and watercolours have really taken my fancy lately and as soon as I saw the stunning photographs of the beautifully coloured Aspicela bourcieri I knew I had to try to re-create it. This particular beetle, I believe, comes from Ecuador and is also commonly referred to as the leaf beetle. The photographer, Andreas Kay, has some stunning photos of this beautiful insect which were the inspiration for this sketch on his flickr account here

I love the beautiful colours on this beetle's outer wing cases, it's just stunning and almost looks like a painting in itself. At first, I half wondered if the original photo wasn't a piece of artwork / had been doctored to look like one! 

I'll definitely be going in to add some more detail to this one at some later point, but I love the colours here and my next challenge is to try to get them to blend together a bit better, however I'm happy! I'm setting myself a challenge to see if I can create at least one watercolour a week now, so let's see how I get on. :D

I'm linking up with both Sarah and Stella for Two Uses Tuesday today.

Hope you've all had a lovely start to the week!



  1. How lovely someone's photography inspired you to paint this - great job! The colours certainly do look striking :)


  2. Love it as always! I wish I had even a little of your talent for drawing!

  3. I think you captured the beetle beautifully. I say this but if it was alive and in front of me, I would be running.

  4. That is SUCH a gorgeous drawing and watercolour!!! Wow!

  5. That really is a bright coloured beetle. Love how you did this. X

  6. That really is a bright coloured beetle. Love how you did this. X


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