The Rainforest of Glen Mary

A couple of weeks ago my Mum, brother and I ventured a little further South and found a hidden gem near Coniston; Glen Mary. This little forested area is the start of the steep but rewarding trail which takes you from Glen Mary all the way to Tarn Hows.

This area has been hailed as the British rainforest due to the vast swathes of ferns which carpeted the forest floor, alongside the rushing, crystal clear water of the mini waterfall which flowed along the stone steps which lead up and around to Tarn How. We didn't go that far this time around as we were just getting a feel for the area, whilst trying to find the Tarn, but we're hoping to go back soon and complete the whole trail now that we know where it heads. 

The stream which greets you as soon as you cross the small bridge at Glen Mary looked so cooling and refreshing, and the moss covered stones alongside it made it look straight out of a fairytale setting.

There were foxgloves everywhere, and no matter how many times I spot one they're just as pretty as the first one I saw. 

The ferns were beautiful in the low light of the evening sun, and the trees were covered with a thick carpet of moss, which was so soft! I was getting Mirkwood feelings while I was wandering through here and was looking out for Radagast's hut before the forest was overcome with creatures!

Halfway up the trail you come to this mini waterfall which was both cooling and refreshing in the late afternoon heat. I could hear lots of birds singing away overhead too and I could easily have stopped off here and spent my afternoon just bird watching next to this mini waterfall.

The fern covered forest floor - this made me think of Jurassic Park and Walking with Dinosaurs (who remembers that documentary series from the BBC?!) because of their prehistoric look. You can also see the stream just below the plants. 

The beautiful canopy above. These trees were so tall and some of the branches were so long and full of lovely green leaves that they touched, creating these huge shady areas which provided some welcome comfort in the heat!

This won't be the last time I head to Glen Mary, especially as we need to find that magical Tarn which the guide books have been pointing us in the direction of, so except some more photos and adventures in the near future when we finally get to see Tarn Hows!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday today.

Have a wonderful weekend all!




  1. How lovely to have explored this place with your mum and brother; I can imagine how peaceful it must've been there. I love your photography of the foxgloves, by the way!


  2. Hello Tasha! Lovely to find your blog & become a follower as you photograph your adventures! This would be just the kind of place I love to explore also & I loved your photos of the water & the foxgloves especially! Great series!
    Best wishes

  3. Wow! This area looks stunning and so different to what I am used to seeing when it comes to uk countryside :) You got some really great shots, particularly like the flowers and the ferns- were you there when they started to curl up for the night? That is such a weird thing to see!
    I hope you are having a good weekend and getting in some nice R&R! 😊x

  4. Oh wow, this looks like SUCH a beautiful place! xx

  5. Hy Tasha!
    Lovely pictures.

  6. Oh what a beautiful place! It looks so peaceful in the photos. I love forest-y places, because you can enjoy everything and there's usually no one around so you can really be at peace with yourself.

    There's foxgloves everywhere here too! It took me a while to remember there name last time we were out cycling but they are all over the fields and look really awesome contrasting against the green grass.

    I hope you get to find the elusive Tarn soon!

  7. It does look wonderful! I am glad you discovered this wonderful place!

  8. Lovely - such an enjoyable post! I have so many photos of foxgloves but they never look as stunning as in real life.

  9. What an amazing place, Tasha! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us. ;)


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