Waving Marram Grasses

I took a trip down to the nature reserve along the coast at Drigg last week, where there are vast sand dunes that stretch on for miles along the coastline. The marram grass which grows here is so tough and hardy, and sharp too, that it turns into a sea all of it's own as it's buffeted about by the sea breeze and I loved watching the different shapes it created as I wandered along the shore. 

I'll definitely be coming back here to do some more exploring soon!

I'm linking up with Sue for Wordless Wednesday today.

Hope you've all had a lovely Wednesday!



  1. I need to up my identifying game! I forget things like grasses and what not haha!

    I love beach grass, it's so wavy and relaxing to watch!

  2. Marram grass reminds me of geography lessons (no bad thing - geog geeking is my jam!) We've got a nature reserve just a few miles along the coast full of the stuff.
    Beautiful snaps Tasha
    M x

  3. I thought at first of bristly hair.
    You fooled me!
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/08/cats-consumate-contortionists.html

  4. Remember marram grass from the salt marshes of Hunstanton

  5. It may be wordless Wednsday but I got two words for you! GOR GEOUS,!!!! :)

  6. You captured the essence of the sea and sand in these beautiful photos!

  7. It is quite mesmerising to watch the grasses swaying Natasha. The beach is always a lovely way to spend time.

  8. It is quite mesmerising to watch the grasses swaying Natasha. The beach is always a lovely way to spend time.

  9. perfectly shot. I need to take photos in a place like this.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  10. How lovely, there's something very calming about this series of photos Tasha; I can imagine how the wind sounds bashing against the grass :)


  11. The grass at the beach is just so dreamy to me. :) I love this and it has me super excited for my upcoming beach trip!

  12. very nice photography and nature photography always attrect... http://goo.gl/JcQiWM

  13. Great shots of these dune grasses, an essential component of a healthy, intact shoreline.

  14. I am totally obsessed with waving grasses at the moment! We are totally onthe same wavelength!


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