A Smiley Whale Family!

These adorable little origami whales are from the ever brilliant Red Ted Art, and you can find Maggy's original tutorial here. I love all of the cute little DIY, craft posts and videos that Red Ted Art put up, and as soon as this came into my subscription box on YouTube I knew I had to make my own little paper whale family!
This is also going to be my 400th post on Through Tasha's Camera, and while I've had many a blog over these last few years, this has been the one I've stuck with the longest and I'm so happy with all of the friendships and connections I've made through my little digital space, as well as the ever encouraging and supportive comments that you all leave, which never fail to make me smile - so thank you!

You may notice that the base for these whales is almost identical to the paper rabbit family that Red Ted Art also did, and you can see the rabbits I made here if you missed that post. I love how quick and simple these are, and while I know they're intended for children, I love using them as temporary room decor, especially now that we're counting down the last few precious days of summer, and they're just too cute!

I know that technically these are classed as kirigami when there's a little bit of cutting involved (just for the fins) but I'd still class these as origami as it's mainly paper folding. I added some cute faces, similar to how Maggy did hers, but instead of cutting out a pink circle for the cheek blushes, I just added them on with felt tip for speed. 

I also twisted the ends of the tails both upwards and outwards for more of a realistic fin, and they're done! From one piece of A4 paper you should be able to create a miniature whale family, and have a tiny bit left over which is the perfect size for a bookmark, so I'll have to come up with a different design for that for a future DIY post!

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Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday!



  1. How cute! It is such a cool thing to see that people are actually always coming up with new ways to fold paper and not just sticking to traditional origami designs. I actually learned how to make some 3d flowers that are perfect for using on fairy lights at a blogging DIY event last weekend. They were not only beautiful, but the act of folding paper - it being methodical but also something physical - was very therapeutic.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. How cute are they! I am going to check out Red Ted Art, I have never heard of them and this sounds like it's right up my ally.

  3. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  4. Amazing how friendships can and are formed on-line.

    Well done on 400 posts. Here's to the next 400 ans many more.

  5. Awww, these are adorable! & Wow, congrats on 400 posts!

    Raiin Monkey

  6. ahh these are the cutest!!

    And big congrats on 400 posts!


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