Ambleside in the Sunshine

For my 26th birthday I went for a visit to Ambleside with my Mum in the morning to do a little bit of shopping and to wander around the pretty town. Ambleside is one of my favourite places in the whole of Cumbria. It's both quaint and quirky, with intricate little alleyways peppered with hidden cafes and stone bridges, with beautifully clear streams running beneath them.

It was gorgeously hot on the morning of my birthday so being able to stand by these streams to cool off was a godsend!

At this time of year the town is alive with flowers as many of the cottages' gardens burst into life. These pretty white flowers in the photos above were trailing along someone's garden fence, whilst the bright, orange lily was outside of a cafe. The various trees that lined the streets provided some welcome shade but also filtered down the sunshine beautifully!

One of my favourite things about Ambleside is their cute little alleyways with their cobbled streets and tiny shops which are tucked away beneath creeping vines and wooden signs. This is just one of them above, which lead through to a an even smaller alleyway, coming out by two little cafes which sit by the stream. 

These little stone bridges were covered in leaves and ferns with it being the height of summer and it was easy to feel as though you've gone back in time and fallen into a fairytale realm. 

I also had to get a shot of those pub which was affectionately called The Unicorn, and beneath it, my favourite name for a cafe of all time - The Giggling Goose Cafe - I must go there someday!

These wooden signs always make me smile as I love it when towns and cities bring a little bit of charm and quirkiness back into the area instead of using the standard metal signs we see everywhere.

The Old Bark Mill mentioned above can be seen just to the right of the stream here - you can just about make out the big wooden wheel in-between the undergrowth. 

I had a lovely day out exploring Ambleside a little better and was able to pick up some brand new gemstones to add to my collection from one of my favourite shops in the whole of Cumbria, The Rock Shop. I'll be sharing photos of them at a later date, as well as a few other bits and pieces I picked up / was given on my birthday. 

If you ever get the chance to visit Cumbria I would always recommend Ambleside. It is one of the prettiest places in my opinion and always serves as a starting point for many beautiful walks throughout the Heart of the Lakes. One of my favourites is a leisurely stroll through and around Grasmere and Rydal; the last time I did this there were sheep a-plenty and the sun was shining brightly, so if you ever get the chance to do it, don't pass it up!

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Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh wow these photos are gorgeous! I've never been to Cumbria but will keep Ambleside in mind if I ever do visit one day :)

    Amber Love Blog

  2. Congratulations! I can see you had a fantastic day! The town and its surroundings look wonderful. The stream makes everything more beautiful.

  3. Looks like it was a great day! Ambleside looks like a lovely little town- I love places like that, and a great place to take pictures as well :) I would have taken way too many pictures of the little stone bridge!

    I hope you're having a great weekend! ♡

  4. What a lovely picturesque town! And Im pretty sure the unicorn is the best pub name ever

  5. Lovely post! Ambleside sounds like such a pretty town. I would love to visit some day :) I love towns filled with old buildings and flowers everywhere! They are so picturesque and always make me feel like I've been transported back in time when I walk around them, as I can imagine they haven't changed much over the years. Oooo I'm looking forward to seeing the gemstones you bought. Happy (late) Birthday! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  6. Oh wow what a lovely little town! I love the flowers everywhere. It looks like you had a really nice day.

  7. A lovely way to spend your birthday. Ambleside sounds lovely - I've never been but I will be sure to visit if I'm ever nearby!

  8. What a cute little town! I love little English towns like (and Belgian ones too, when I can find them!).

    What a really lovely way to spend your birthday!

    I find places like this are just so peaceful and you can wander about without being bothered by crowds of people so it's the perfect place for me. And look at the weather you had! Gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you! I can't find your blog / profile when I click on it so I hope you this response here. :)

  10. You are fortunate to live in Cumbria. It is a really lovely part of Britain.

  11. Looks like you enjoyed a blissful birthday in a quaint little village with lots of eye candy! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Such gorgeous photographs, I too love this quaint little village not least because it holds some very happy memories for me.

  13. Oh my gooosh I'm so excited looking at this post because i'll be visiting the Lake District later this month/early next month, and had already planned on returning to Ambleside! Yay! Lovely photos Tasha :)


  14. It's just SO picturesque! I love it!


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