Drigg Nature Reserve & Dunes

Just over a fortnight ago now my Mum and I took a brief trip to the nature reserve and beach at Drigg, which is several miles down the coast from St Bees here in West Cumbria. There were quite a few people around walking their dogs, and exploring among the elaborate dune system down there, which I shared some photos of a couple of Wednesdays ago. That post is here if you'd like to see them, and for this Photo Friday I wanted to share the rest of the photos I took while I was there.

The area around the nature reserve is an important biological area and a SSSI with a wide range of fauna and flora. I'll definitely be going back at a later date as there was so much to explore that we didn't have time, and according to the reading I've been doing on this place it's common with birders and walkers alike, and it's easy to see why. It was also interesting to drive through the little town in Drigg, which had a very cute craft shop, as well as being the base for the low level waste repository for Sellafield, which tied into where I was last working.

As well as those impressive seas of marram grasses which were growing all along the dune system, there were these stunning star shaped plants which I found. I had to stop and look at the information board back at the little car park to find out what these were as I had never seen them before, and I discovered that these are unopened sea holly flowers! Once they've bloomed they'll have these very pretty thistle like flowers, so I'll have to come back soon to see if they've appeared. The centre photo is a dog rose or wild rose which was growing in amongst the marram grasses and added a pop of colour to the greenery. I see this all around the coast here and had never been able to put a name to it, so those information boards came in handy!

There were grasses growing on the reserve and the moors as you first enter it, and there were lots of cows grazing quite happily in the evening heat, as it was incredibly warm that day! When the grass is this high, and waving beautifully in the breeze, you can't pass up an opportunity to get a photo!

I noticed this little building overlooking the beach and when I got home I did a bit of research and found out that this is a gunnery observation post from the wartime era around the 1940's, there are some similar photos from Drigg here on the geograph.co.uk website, but if anyone knows anymore about them I'd love to know some more as I was very intrigued when I noticed them!

Among the grazing cows this adorable little calf was kind enough to stop and pose for them as he was grazing by this fence.

Just some of the different birds, as well as the plants and insects you can spot down here at Drigg. I always see the oyster catchers around Workington but I've never managed to get a photo of them so I'll have to come back and see if I can spot some down here.

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. That's very like the dunes on the Lincs coast I've walked along

  2. Thank you so much. Its informative and nice. The calf also. It's such a sweet photo. Do you also love hearing the whispering wind in/through the long grasses?

  3. Tasha, like your post since the vegetation on the beach is very different than what we have in California. The plants in the beaches around here are scrub and dry. But, those semi tall grasses are very beautiful. I can see the wind moving them around.

  4. Hello Tasha! This is another great area for exploring & photographing & your shots of the calf & swaying grasses are beautiful! We have a similar area near us which I visit in the summer so I need to go soon!

  5. Succsessful and nice shots, i like it.
    ma favorite is the phot with the grasses !
    Greetings from Germany

  6. What a gorgeous place and lovely photos as always. I really need to get to the coast soon it feels like way too long since I've been near the ocean. :)

  7. What a lovely place! Great photos too, I love the one of the grasses.

  8. Information boards make life a lot easier for identifying wildlife and flowers. They've been adding a few more here and there in some of the smaller parks near us and it's been nice to see what they say and see if I've seen the different wildlife.

  9. This natural area looks nothing short of spectacular. I can only begin to imagine the range of wildlife living there and how many secrets remain to be discovered by a patient observer. How fascinating (and educational) it would be to visit the dunes in all its seasons, when seas are calm and when the gales are blowing. I am sure that whatever the weather one would come away enriched in spirit, thinking only of a date to return. Thank you for showing me a lovely corner of the world.


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