Mermaid Pool in a Bottle!

I've started to build up a miniature collection of glass bottles, which have all come from reed diffusers, and so far I've been using them as small vases for some of the fake flowers in my bedroom. They work really well for decoration, however I've been wanting to use them in an art/DIY project for a good while now, and finally last week I got it done, and knew I had to share it for this week's Two Uses Tuesday!

This is the final thing, with a mermaid charm added to finish it off. I still need a cork to stop everything tumbling out again though!

And without the little mermaid charm I added, and featuring one of my newest additions to my shelf, a little emerald green dragon from an amazing Etsy seller who you can see more of here!

I'd been wanting to create a bottled fantasy environment for a little while, as I'd been inspired by a lot of the similar miniature bottles you can buy on Etsy. I've got a couple that I bought last Christmas, which are filled with things like Unicorn's Shadow and Mermaid Scales, made using different types of paper and art materials, and I had an idea to create a bottled mermaid lagoon after I found a big pile of blue tissues paper, glitter and sand in my Mum's crafting box.

So, items I used were:

  • Small glass bottle (you can use any type that suits what you want / design)
  • Blue ribbon / fabric 
  • Blue tissue paper (colour for both these and the fabric would depend on what design you're going for)
  • Sequins
  • Ribbon or twine for decoration
  • Glitter (I chose blue, but I need to add in some white or silver to offset the colours)
  • Sand - coloured / non (I chose blue for the sake of this one)

Using the end of a paint brush I gently pushed the dark blue ribbon and some light blue tissue paper inside the bottle, before adding in some blue sand and glitter (you can see that the majority of it has stuck to the sides of the bottle!). I also cut a small line of silver ribbon lined with silver sequins on it, but you could use loose sequins, beads or buttons for this, and then dropped that inside before shaking the bottle to get it to mix and then settle in some different and interesting patterns, and voila, your very own mermaid pool in a bottle!

Next steps for this little project are that I need to get a hold of some little plastic pearls and some silver glitter to really give it a sparkling effect, but the different shades of blue together are quite pretty and I decided to add the charm after I ordered a little Mermaid Finds gift set from this Etsy store. I've also got some plans to attach some pieces of shell to this, but I need to find the best glue so that they stay - any tips, please let me know in the comments!

For the label I tore some notebook paper, added some writing and then just glued it on, but you can create some spooky or aged labels online, such as with PicMonkey, and stick those on - I just wanted something simple that wouldn't cover too much of the bottle. If you're looking for similar mermaid or fish charms to add to the ribbon / twine, I've seen a lot on websites like ebay and Amazon, but you should be able to come across these at any big crafting shop as well. However, this particular Etsy seller sells batches of charms, and their mermaid one is an exact replica for the one on my bottle!  

Linking up with Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!



  1. You'll have Captain Barbosa battering down your door

  2. Great idea, a little collection of these would look lovely on a shelf :)
    Zoe | floral and feather

  3. Isn't that just pretty! I could certainly see something similar looking good in my bathroom!

  4. Oh I love the colour of this, it's such a gorgeous blue.


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