Paradise In a Flower

As most of you may know by know, I am in love with the natural world and all of it's beauty and oddities, and I am constantly fascinated by all of the different animals, insect and plants I come across. One of my favourite flowers / plants is the bird of paradise, purely because of it's interesting shape and beautiful colours, and I've been wanting to paint one for a while. So, for my creative moment this week, I decided to sit down and spend some quiet time re-creating one on paper.

I did most of this painting freehand from a photo of a bird of paradise flower, with a thin brush and my basic watercolour palette. That way I could have a bit more control over the shape and design of the flower, but, I did switch to a thicker brush for the base of the flower / stem, to create some more substantial shapes and to help with the blending. This was a fairly quick and flowing painting, and was really relaxing to do! I'm trying to make sure I do something creative at least once a week to coincide, not only, with Two Uses Tuesday, but also to act as an anti-stress mechanism, and it's working!

I particularly love the differences in colour in the main petals and re-creating these using a watercolour palette was fun - especially the blue - that was my favourite part of the painting to do! I used a mixture of blues and greens for the main stem and base of the flower, and kept it quite simple for the main petals by using a mixture of yellow, red and pink to create that coral / peach shade.

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out, and it was really relaxing too so I'm starting to make more time for just painting and really taking my time with it as well. If you're looking for a good ant-stress tool I do highly recommend drawing and painting as the process of just creating something has helped me greatly over the past few weeks.

Do you paint often?

I'm linking up with both Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



  1. Ooh this is so pretty, I love the colours! I have been slowly getting back into painting, I'm just not very good at it yet! I wish I had a space like a studio (or a corner even haha) so I don't have to fully pack away my paints and brushes each time I get them out, it really stops me painting as much as I'd like to tbh. Maybe when I move out of my parents' house!

    Amber Love Blog

  2. It turned out really well! You have a good eye for the colours! Well done!

  3. Very pretty, I so admire how creative you are.

  4. Aha! That's what that plant is called! I have always wondered. They are such gorgeous plants and I have a few photos of them but haven't got around to looking them up!


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