Relaxing by Ullswater

A good few weeks ago my Mum, brother and I went down towards Ullswater for a change of scenery and a wander around and along the stunning lake there. The roads, villages and towns which are in and around the area are always really nice to visit, and while the main route to Ambleside and Windermere was still being fixed from the December floods, it's been the nicest detour through rolling countryside and mountains, so you won't hear a single complaint from me.

Peering through the trees and vegetations growing along the cliffs and around the lake made it feel hidden and magical! I felt like I was on the lookout for mermaids and sirens by peeking out through all of this greenery!

There were clumps of heather flowers growing along the cliffs here and the pops of pink against the green was beautiful to see. Definitely an area where I think fairies would be hiding!

There were trees growing out of the cliffs and twisting this way and that as they leant out over the water. The textures and patterns on the trunks are always interesting and the different shapes they created was amazing. It always astounds me the places you find plants and trees growing in - nowhere is too much of a challenge for them!

I loved the ripples on the water in these two photos. It was really nice to sit and watch the wind play on the surface of the water for a while.

With the trees and the mountains it was incredibly calming, even with the skies sporting some darker clouds in the distance. 

We managed to dodge the rain so it was all good!

Views like these were just the kind of thing needed on a grey day!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday today.

Have a lovely weekend all!



  1. Hi from Friday Favorites! This looks so peaceful! And beautiful, despite the gray day :)

  2. Does look so calm and relaxing in there! #photofriday

  3. Lovely surroundings, looks quiet and calm.

  4. Oh but the pink hues of the heather are just lovely! Some really great creative shots from that lovely walk!
    Thanks for taking us along!

  5. The clumps of heather growing from the cliffs look lovely, and remind me of various hill and mountain walks from over the years :)


  6. very beautiful place, thanks for sharing http://www.totalitech.com/

  7. It looks lovely! Ahh, the floods were so scary. My area was pretty bad with it too.

    Corinne x

  8. I could see a fantasy trilogy using this as its location. Lovely heather flowers the shape is quite cool. I'm surprised no one is on or in the lake.

  9. I feel so relaxed just looking at these photos.

  10. What a beautiful and relaxing landscape!

  11. the expanse of water there is just huge! I can't remember the last time I saw that much water. The lakes near my house are pretty small so it's just not the same feeling.

    I must take a trip to the seaside to get my fill of big expanse of water!

    Also, yay for dodging the rain! It's such a satisfying feeling to miss it!

  12. It does my soul good to see such beautiful photographs. I always think I'm lucky to live in a part of the country where though I live next to a city, we have such beautiful scenery not to mention coastal resorts within a few hours driving distance.

  13. Tasha, your photos are so restorative. I hope that this trip was something to restore your spirits with the difficulties of July. Thanks for your letter, i am sorry to hear the news you mentioned!

    I am so sorry I have not been around recently. I've actually been on a cruise for almost 2 weeks and before I was in France for a week! I do apologise for the lack of blog presence and comments. I do hope you are well and I hope there is good news on the job front..xx

  14. What a beautiful collection of photos.


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