The Earth, Air and Sea: 1 Year Anniversary!

This time last August I decided to start up a second blog over on WordPress to share some of my older photos and ones which never made it onto my main blog here, and I've been able to keep it going for a whole year, yay! The main focus was to fill it with purely all of the photos I've taken in a natural setting, hence the name of the blog, but I fear a few non-nature photos have slipped in here and there.

The button on my blog will take you straight to The Earth, Air and Sea blog, but if you haven't visited / didn't know about it until now, as I don't often talk about it or share any links, you can visit it here. I'm trying to post once a day or at least once a week but sometimes life gets in the way, so if it goes quiet for a while, don't fear, I will still be updating the second blog, just not as often as this one, especially during the week when sometimes blogging can take a backseat.

I wanted to celebrate a whole year for my second blog by sharing 5 of my favourite photos that I've posted so far, and hopefully I can keep this going until next August too!

1.  Damselfly Daydreams

Back while I was at university I had been hanging one of my t-shirts out of my window on a stunningly hot day as it was finishing off drying, and this beautiful damselfly came and landed on my top. I love their eyes and this still remain one of my favourite photos today!

2. Dash of Orange

For my very good friend's birthday while at university we went to Bristol Aquarium and I was so in love with all of the beautiful aquatic plants and fish, and in particularly, this beautiful orange fish.

3. Reflection

When my Mum, brother and I first moved up to Cumbria, we spent some time down at South Lakeland, near Carnforth, which had some beautiful pools on site, and when the sunlight hit just right, it was perfect.

4. All That Glitters

Back in 2009 we spent a holiday here in Cumbria (where the love affair with this particular beach started) and my family and I had holidayed up here a couple of times before, but this time around I finally had a camera and so I spent much of my time taking photos and most of them were of the beautiful St Bees, which is still just as glittering today as it was back then.

5. Little Bird

Back I was living in Milton Keynes with my family, before we moved, I would spend most of my time in the garden. We were lucky to have a large and long garden which was fairly wild and  I always had fun trying to ID everything I came across. This blackbird fledgling was in the garden one morning, and while at first I was worried, when I left him and went back indoors I saw both the mum and the dad fly down to check on him and feed him - phew! He stayed in the garden for a few more days and when I got the chance I took a photo, and checked this little one was doing well, all with protective mum and dad watching. 

Hopefully this time next year I can share another 5 favourites!

Hope you're all well and enjoy the week ahead!



  1. ur photos are always best. congrats dear. will check it out.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  2. I had no idea you had another blog - good for you keeping up with great content on both blogs. I also have a second blog (a book blog), and I know it can be hard to keep consistency on both.

    Great pictures you've shared, as always. I especially like the 'glittery' water one. Off to check out the other blog now :-)

  3. 'Reflection' is lovely - such a calm and tranquil image. I had no idea you've also continuing a second blog for an entire year; well done for seeing it through!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  4. Gorgeous photos! I had no idea you had a second blog! Will have to keep up with it now, I love nature photos :) xo

    Amber Love Blog

  5. I had no idea you ran a second blog. I struggle to maintain just one. I don't know how you do it. How are you finding the difference between the 2 blog platforms? Love the shots, especially the damsel fly and that cute little blackbird.

    1. I forgot to say...HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!

  6. How did I manage to miss this second blog???? Happy Blogoversary.

    A sucker for photographs of clouds as you know. I also love the sea, the wilder the better, and so photos 3 and, in particular, 4 really appealed to me.

    I'm away over to The Earth, Air and Sea now.

  7. Ahh, the bird is so cute! I can never get such good closeups of animals! Happy Blogoversary!

    Corinne x

  8. I've not looked in on your other blog for ages! I forgot all about it. It does annoy me that even though I follow you, your posts never show up on blogger for me - I have to remember to come over and visit your blogs!

    Happy one year anniversary!

  9. I love that your love for nature really shines through on this blog. The picture of the glittering sea makes me wish I lived near the sea rather than in such a land locked city!

  10. Go you on making it a whole year! It's quite an accomplishment!

    I love the third photo of the reflections, that's just my kind of photo!


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