Project 365 : The Favourite Five - August!

August has been both a blessing and a bit of a setback of a month for me, so this mixed bag of emotions has meant I'm quite looking forward to September and the promise of autumn. I know it's become a bit of a cliche among many people, with autumn being the favourite out of all of the seasons, but for me these transitional months always leave me feeling refreshed - I always end up relishing the change in weather and the ways in which the natural world around me slowly begins to adapt to the colder winds and darker evenings. I'm hoping I can get some nice photos of the annual colour change of the leaves as they turn from green to red, and face September with as much optimism as I always do - hopefully good things are on the horizon, so have at you September, and thank you for the sunshine August!

So here are my five favourite photos from August's Project 365.

1. August Showers

A couple of days in August were dotted with showers and a couple of storms, which is always a relief for the plants and a plus for me as I love watching thunder storms from my window! The fuchsias looked particularly pretty with the little droplets resting on their petals, so I had to take some photos. 

2. Succulent

One of my birthday gifts was this little cactus to add to my ever growing collection of house plants. I just love their leaves and the moss in the soil with this one!

3. Cacti

Another photo featuring my little cactus but I couldn't leave this one out! Recently I've become fascinated by shadow play and when I noticed the outlines of my little cactus, illuminated by the sun, behind my curtain I knew it would serve for an interesting photo and I just feel very calm when I look at this one. 

4. Sun & Sea

It seems a shame to pass up the opportunity to get a photo of the sea down at Whitehaven whenever I'm in the area, especially when the water is glittering away like this. 

5. Through The Hedge

And to finish off the month of August, this lovely sunset came beaming down through the hedges while I was out down at the coast near St Bees and I loved the way it shadowed the hedges and lit up the blue skies behind it. There's nothing more soul rejuvenating than a good sunset. 

I'm also taking another brief blogging break for about a week as there are some busy times coming up for me and I feel like a need a brief refresher before diving back into it for autumn, so bear with me! I should be back with a new post on Tuesday the 20th!

(Slightly extended break due to general life busy-ness!)

Also, if you want to check out the rest of my Project 365 so far this year you can do so via this link and let me know if you're signed up to the website so I can follow you on there as well!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!



  1. I love Autumn too! I can't believe it's September already! I've heard that you can already buy Christmas cards in the shops...so not ready!

  2. I started this at the begining of the year and then stopped at the end of Feb. I should really get back into it.

  3. Oh Tasha! These are enchanting. I especially love the one of the flower with the water droplet and of your cactus's shadow--so beautifully shot!

    Hope you're doing well...life has a way of getting to us sometimes. Small breaks really help as does focusing on doing things that make you happy, which tend to change from time to time.


  4. Succulents and Cacti are my absolute favorite as well. Lovely post!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. Lovely pictures Tasha! I hope the break does you good! I look forward to seeing your posts when you come back!

    Have a nice, restful week!

  6. Your cactus is so pretty ♥


  7. Wonderful shots as always. Succulents and cacti are the only plants that manage to survive my tender care.

  8. Your cactus is AMAZING!!! I TRULY love it!!! What a cool shape!

  9. What a great collection of favourites! I love all of them. I love your little succulent, I never had plants in the house for some unknown reason, even though I have quite a good spot for them to grow on the window sill. I'm feeling quite inspired to get some now though!

  10. I always start to feel inspired when the seasons change! I love your new plant, I had one like that once but it died. It is so pretty though so I want to get another one and try again :)

  11. Autumn, at least the early part is refreshing. Your photos are really sweet especially the last one, love it.
    Happy fall!

  12. This is a lovely collection of photos. I love autumn too - well, I love all the seasons equally really, they all have their good points. Unlike many people, I enjoy the dark evenings! August wasn't great for me either and going back to school is very depressing (I need a new job!). I hope September brings better things for you.

  13. I'm with you on appreciating the refreshing change in the weather/days, though I'm also torn between being a Summer Baby and a bit of a Christmas fanatic, haha! I'm certainly excited for Autumn to get underway, if only to reach those wonderful festive days ahead ;) Have a lovely weekend!


  14. Such gorgeous photos! Everyone seems to be enjoying the change but I am NOT :( I need a proper summer! Since I spent last summer in France I just think all summers should be like that! :P loving the shadowy photos, I'm finding silhouettes in the evening light so pretty too <3

    Amber Love Blog

  15. Love the cactus shadow picture and the sea looks super pretty. Really do wish I lived nearer the sea!

  16. I hope you enjoy autumn, I’m sure it will bring some amazing photo opportunities. I love what you have captured here especially the pink flowers and the sunshine coming through. It is the start of spring here and the warm weather has been so perfect.

  17. so beautiful and amazing photography, love the shadows and ur sunsets are always mesmerizing.
    The cactus is my fav photo here.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  18. Fall is a bittersweet time. I love the crisp temperatures and the glorious colours, but I am not so keen about the waning hours of daylight and the fact that so many birds are leaving us until next spring.


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