Soft Light

One of my favourite things to do during the summertime is to watch the sun set. There's something both comforting and inspiring about watching the sun fade into the night as it slowly sinks beneath the horizon, and when the light hits just right, and all of the meteorological elements are in place, you can be treated to some truly amazing displays in the sky with the added effects from the clouds.

Yes, I am truly a sky watcher, and definitely one for having my 'head in the clouds' when it comes to the outside world, because I'm always so terrified of missing some stunning orange rays filtering down through the clouds, or a beautiful series of cloud displays. However, more recently I have been noticing the ever lovely light display within my room as the sun begins to set. Usually my eye is drawn outside towards the main event, but most evenings I'm now taking in the different shadows that appear, the way the light falls and the colours hidden beneath my curtains.

This is definitely one of my new favourite things to do during the summertime!

I love how you can go from warm, yellow light peeping through the top of my curtains, to blue, shadowing the bottom half, in just a few seconds.

As the curtains gently flutter in the breeze, and all is quiet outside, it's one of most relaxing parts of my day.

The sun often peeps through my curtains and depending on the time of the evening, you could get a bright, golden coloured orb, or a beautifully dark and sultry coral red.

The shadows created by the curtains and the light play filtering through from the sun outside often leads me to spend hours taking photo after photo as the scenes change from minute to minute. I never used to be too enchanted by light and shadow play in photography growing up, but recently I'm becoming more and more intrigued by it.

The street where I live now is a lot less quieter than where I previously was, but when the sun is setting and people have headed indoors for the night, and the whole street is bathed in that languid end-of-day contentedness, it's perfect.

 And if you're quick enough to make it outside just before the sun does dip below the horizon, you're often treated to scenes like these!

I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. There have been some INCREDIBLE sunsets lately and the kind of clear summer skies that make you want to sit outside snuggled in a blanket with your head tilted up.
    Love this too, I often track the sunset (and the sunrise) through the blind in the bathroom!
    M x

  2. Beuatiful images, we back onto a forest and dont get much sunlight at our house and I really miss it in winter.

  3. Beautiful photos, you've captured the light wonderfully. And the sky in the last shot - fantastic! C x

  4. Such a gorgeous variety of shades through your curtains!

  5. Ah, so beautiful! We've had some cracking sunsets lately, with the hot weather and the clear blue skies. I have been very much enjoying watching them from the comfort of my sofa.

    I'm not quite up early enough to catch the sunrise, but I usually get the tail end of the golden morning light.


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