A Hauntingly Good Halloween Bedroom!

Each Halloween I like to decorate my room, mostly because it's fun, and also because I find it quite therapeutic to change my room's decorations around with the changing seasons. During this spring and summer, I had a nice collection of seashells, along with my gemstones and other natural pieces of decor, which worked together beautifully to bring the outdoors in and keep my bedroom feeling fresh during the warmer months. 

Now that it's turned colder I want a cosier feel to my room and with Halloween dominating October, it helps me to clear off my shelves, box up my spring and summer pieces and start afresh! With Halloween now only a few days away, I wanted to share with you my Halloween themed room for October and wish you all a wonderful spooky weekend! This post will be fairly photo heavy so I won't write much more and instead will let the photos speak for themselves.

Spinning Spirits; My Mum made me these at the beginning of October and they now hang from my light.

A trio of pumpkin pieces; my mini watercolour painting, a glittery pumpkin and a tealight holder, currently used to hold my marker pens.

Origami Ghosts

And some more.

Paper Spiderweb; made just like a paper snowflake would be, only following the pattern of a spider's web.

A selection of just some of the pieces on my wall; one of my favourite quotes from an Interview With The Vampire, the famous Love and Pain painting by Edvard Munch, a mermaid to keep with the sirens theme, and a mock piece of newspaper from Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide.

Fake cobwebs with a plastic spider and a piece of art from Arthur Spiderwick's' Field Guide- The Banshee. 

My Jack Skellington flower, Burton-esque Pumpkin, Spider Headband and Fake White Rose.

Sign I made from some old cardboard, with fake webbing and a Halloween themed DIY tealight holder from an old mason jar with some orange, polka-dot ribbon.

A tiny origami witch's hat, more cobwebs, origami pumpkin, tealights, paper mummy which my Mum made, miniature broom and a paper bat completed with cobwebs.

I should have some more photos to come from Halloween night itself and I will of course be sharing any make-up and what I got up to on the night which will most likely be horror films!

I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday.

Hope you all have a hauntingly good weekend, and remember to stay safe on Halloween, whatever you're doing!



  1. What a fun idea to throw your room - and yourself! - completely into the season/celebration! I really like the quote you've featured from An Interview With The Vampire.


  2. A great fun room - making the decorations made it even more fun.

  3. Ooh I love all this, everything looks so awesome! I have the same pumpkin tealight holder as well, though I'm actually using it as a tealight holder ;) it's such a good idea to change up your room for the seasons! I might have to copy you with that! My room has some subtle differences... my red blanket has emerged, the pumpkin tealight holder ofc, and conkers scattered around (to keep spiders away!). My rooms so tiny though I can't really fit much more in, maybe next year when me and my boyfriend are renting our own place I'll go all out with Halloween decs! xo

    Amber Love Blog

  4. Natasha you always make all of us smile with your spirit :) I love the decorations

  5. How fun! I love all the little touches, but especially the origami ghosts. Thanks for sharing these snippets!

  6. Love your amazing post, what great ideas you have, truly inspiring, thank you for sharing!!!



  7. You've really put some effort into decorating. It looks spooktacular!!

  8. Love the decorations! I especially love the glittery pumpkin. The thought crossed my mind recently about covering a pumpkin in glitter (but it would be super messy!) maybe I'll do that one day! Hope you had a good Halloween : )

  9. Watch for the hobgoblins in the corners!


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