A Trio of Halloween Crafts!

Back at the beginning of October I sat down with a big list of things I wanted to make throughout the month, and beforehand, to decorate my room with come Halloween. With it now being just over halfway through the month, I've managed to tick off most of what I wanted to do; the majority being a long list of cute origami pieces, and I am still making more of them, so I'll have an origami centred post coming up for next Tuesday!

In the meantime, I wanted to share 3 very quick and simple crafts, which I'm sure you've soon other iterations of around the internet, if you're looking for some extra Halloween themed decor or ideas for a party.

1. The Mummified Mason Jar

This is a very simple, quick and fun craft and it's probably my favourite from everything I've done this Halloween. 

All you need is:

  •  A clean, empty mason / jam jar (whichever size you like)
  • Some old cloth / gauze (I used some leftover medical gauze from the first aid kit)
  • And some googly eyes (I got a big pack from the pound shop, but most craft shops will sell these.)
  • PVA glue (Though any craft glue will do!)

Then all I did was simply cut the strips of fabric / cloth to suit the size I wanted before applying a generous layer of glue to the jar and the fabric, and then sticking into place. The PVA dried nice and quickly which meant I didn't need to hold onto the strips for long, and once all of them were in place, I added a few touches over some of the pieces that weren't quite set in place. I then added two googly eyes towards the top, and voila! 

2. The Jack Skellington Rose

Inspired in part by the creepy eyeball flowers I've seen on Pinterest, as well the famous talking and singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland, I wanted to create something which didn't leave out a favourite of mine each Halloween; Jack Skellington. This was something I did on a whim as I had a half-piece of a styrofoam ball left from a previous craft I did, and I found this large fake black rose at ASDA the other day for £1.00 so the two went together perfectly. 

The styrofoam balls can be found at any craft shop, and this would work with any large fake flower; I just went with this rose as it was the only one I had which was a good size, but you could do the same with a red / blue rose and make a Sally one as well!

Simply cut the styrofoam ball in half and using either paint or, as I did, marker pens draw on your design. Once happy, place inside the head of the flower and position as wanted, then add some glue to the back of the ball (I used super glue to make sure it stuck) and you're done. 

3. Recycled Pumpkin Jar

This final craft is something that took me all of 2 minutes to do and uses recycled materials so is a good way to use up any leftovers.

I simply too this empty old coffee jar and drew on a pumpkin face in black marker pen, and left to dry. Then, taking a space piece of orange card from my origami pumpkin I curled it slightly to fit into the jar and just pushed it into place around the inside of the jar, and that's it! It gives the illusion of  a coloured jar without having to use paint or glue anything in, but still looks effective and cute for Halloween.

I hope these are useful for anyone looking for some last minute, quick and easy DIY'S to use up some leftover craft pieces, and if you've got any similar ideas or have some quick and easy crafts for Halloween, I'd love to know, as I'm still looking for more things to do, especially on Halloween eve as I love to make things while watching horror films!

I'm linking up with both Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today.

Hope you all have a lovely day!



  1. I love the mason jar, genius! x

  2. The mummified jar is such a good idea - and also something you could apply to a bottle of wine if you happen to be going to a Halloween party/event! :)


  3. All really great, and inexpensive, crafts. I love the Jack Skellington rose; one of my favourite films. I also really like the mummified mason jar.

  4. These are clever ideas and very witty too! PLus, not too scary looking either!


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