Golden Leaves & Falling Trees: Part Two

Last Friday I shared some photos of the beautiful Workington Hall wearing its autumnal colours and I took so many photos that morning that I wanted to split them into two posts, as I had quite a few favourites, so here is the second part of my autumn photos of Workington Hall. 


The main entrance to the park in spring was lined with fallen petals from the blossoms on the trees, so it was interesting to come back and see them replaced with orange and russet coloured leaves this time around instead. I only saw one other person walking their dog, so I had a moment where I kicked up some of the leaves as I wandered through!

It was also a beautifully sunny day, so that all of the fallen leaves were highlighted by the sunshine. It was a little chilly and there was a slight breeze in the air so whenever I found myself standing in the path of the sun there was instant warmth.

I could have easily spent several hours just sitting underneath this particular horse chestnut tree. 

I also wanted to share another shot of the lovely rowan trees which were very heavy with berries. They were framed beautifully by the blue sky too.

This horse chestnut was definitely a highlight for me though, this lovely golden shade of the leaves was just beautiful to see, especially with the sunlight filtering down through them and of course I took many photos!

When I did manage to find an area of the canopy that had opened up along some of the paths that lead out of the park, there were beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds overhead. I watched a couple of seagulls soaring on the breeze and because there was no one else around it was incredibly relaxing. 

Some of the other horse chestnut trees' leaves had only just begun to change and the trees that surrounded the ruins at Workington Hall were also in that halfway stage. Some of them hadn't changed much since spring, while others already looked very bare. I particularly liked the tree in the middle photo as it's position in regards to the sun meant it cast a wide shadow across the grass.

It's always interesting to see the subtle changes and differences between these places as the seasons change. In spring these steps were surrounded by wild flowers and overgrown hedges. When I visited it last weekend, there was already noticeably less growing and the only hint of a flower were the few himalayan balsam blooms (big thank you to Louise for ID-ing those for me - which are sadly an invasive species!) which were poking out of the hedges

One of my favourite sights while I was here last weekend, were the vast hedgerows glowing in the morning sunshine. While there aren't any flowers here anymore, the sun framed these beautifully.

Last but not least this horse chestnuts' roots were covered in a lovely deep green moss and on top of that was a carpet of autumn leaves. There is a large holly bush growing next to this particular tree and I'm hoping to come back here several times as we move into winter so I can get some nice photos of the holly bush in it's full winter colours!

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Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Lovely and bright and crisp! Our leaves aren't barely falling yet.

  2. I love these photos and how wonderfully you have captured the minutest details. That last one puts me in mind of Enid Blyton's FarAway Tree books.

  3. All of these photos remind me of how much I'm going to miss Autumn when it's gone. This season is far too short. <3

    - Anna


  4. Love how you've captured that special crisp morning feel in the air and crush of the leaves!

  5. A beautiful set of photos! I love seeing trees / leaves in autumn too and have been enjoying the horse chestnuts around here this week, especially with so much sun shine!

  6. The hedgerows and the Horsechestnuts really are magnificence, you have captured their essence amazingly well!!! Thank you for sharing this tranquil place!

  7. There's nothing quite like taking an autumn stroll in the brisk cool air. These photos make me so excited to get outside and enjoy this wonderful season before it's gone!

  8. You've captured some really beautiful colours of the season Tasha. I can't quite decide which I prefer most - the yellow/amber shades, or the deep brown/golden shades. Either way, October is such a beautiful month :)


  9. Lovely photos! Autumn leaves are so pretty! :) xx

  10. Beautiful pictures!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  11. Autumn is one of my favourite times to get outside in general, but also to photograph, these photos you've shared highlight exactly why. Lovely autumn scenes, Tasha.

  12. Wonderful:) I still hope to visit a park or forest will the leaves are orange too!

  13. I keep forgetting it's autumn for you. It's full of magic for me, I guess because it was never something I experienced as a child having grown up in a tropical climate. That first shot is wonderful!


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