Golden Trees & Falling Leaves

Workington Hall is my favourite place to go at the moment as the resident plants, bushes and trees finally start to show off their stunning autumn colours. 

Orange and brown leaves that have curled up into different shapes and patterns as they've dried, littered the pathways at the entrance to the park and the telltale crunching sound as I walked inside was so satisfying. 

The horse chestnut trees had turned from green to gold and their bark was a beautiful dark brown against their brightly coloured leaves. I could have quite easily stayed here for several hours, just watching the branches wave elegantly in the early autumn breeze.

There are several, what I believe, are red currant bushes which line the pathways here and in the autumn sunshine their fruits were glittering beneath their leaves. My Mum had a small red currant bush which she planted in our old garden and come the chillier months the birds would feast on the berries, meaning we would go outside to find skeleton branches where berries should have been!

At least the birds were being fed. ;) 

The rowan trees on the grounds were starting to turn a lovely reddy/brown and their telltale clusters of red berries were looking lovely and bright in the sun.

I also found several of what I thought were vetches of some kind (possibly common?) or even a variety of wild orchid (because of the shape?) along the hedgerows. I'm not too sure what these are though, as I've never spotted them before, so if there are any brilliant botanists out there who know what this is, then I'd love to know!

Whilst I was walking through the park the sun was on my back and it was gorgeous. There was a definite chill in the air but it was still nice enough to walk around in a cardigan so I was thankful for that.

Sitting here and enjoying the shade from this huge horse chestnut tree was a welcome respite and I was able to take in the views of Workington Hall from the comfort of this tree. The ruins were framed beautifully by the other trees, and this carpet of red leaves was lovely to see. 

I was also in awe of the same horse chestnut tree's bark; these rings and patterns in the bark were just lovely to see! 

The canopy above was beautiful, and the majority of the leaves on this horse chestnut were only just starting to turn gold.

Next year I'd like to come back here in spring, summer, autumn and winter consecutively to see how different the changes are throughout the year, as I've only come here in spring and then now in autumn so far, but I think a proper wander around the grounds would be fun. What I am loving the most about Workington Hall in autumn though are scenes like those above. When I first came here in spring, the canopy was just beginning to form so there was a lot more light on the ground, but now with it being more closed up, it's created some beautiful shadows. 

One of my favourite sights come autumn; a leaf littered ground! 

And some of that beautiful autumnal sunshine to finish off my walk with; nothing is better. 

I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Tasha, your photos are lovely! I guess you have best fall colors than me! We went last weekend to the mountains and find some colors but not that many. I love those currants and the tree with the circular bark.

  2. These photos are beautiful! The plant you were unsure about isn't a good one I'm afraid - it's himalayan balsam, a highly invasive species that outcompetes everything else and takes over. I hate it! The smell of it makes me feel nauseous. Some people like it though. I think it's an escapee from Victorian gardens when they used to bring over all sorts of 'exotic' plants!

  3. The changing leaves are stunning!!!
    Jade xo

  4. Autumn is such a pretty time of year! That tree bark is absolutely amazing! Since it was so warm this year, the trees are only just now starting to change color. But I am so excited when I start seeing the first pops of color change in the trees!

  5. Wonderful scenes of autumn - a fabulous time of the year. I am happy to see the prolific berry crop for our feathered friends.

  6. I really like that second picture- the yellow leaves- so cool, so pretty!!! Workington Hall sounds great!

  7. Yes, stunning colors! U love all your photos.


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