Project 365: The Favourite Five - September!

Each time this post comes around I am more and more astounded about the speed of time. When you're a kid it's just something you never seem to notice. Christmas took forever to arrive, while the summer holidays seemed to drag on endlessly, with nothing but sunshine on the horizon. The first time I ever noticed this myself was when I was at university. The dates between assignments being set, and holidays coming up, always approached with thundering speed, and there never seemed to be enough time to get anything done. Now, it's like time simply passes me by and before I know it, another month of this year's 365 Project is done!

Does anyone else experience this?

Having said that it's great to be able to tick off another month and looking back through the months I've already completed I'm very happy with how this year's project is going. I feel like I'm starting to carve out a small niche for myself in what I like to take photos of, as opposed to the first time I did this when I was just taking photos of anything and everything. There's a lot of nature in these photos, but I'm really having fun with it this year, as well as experimenting a bit more, like I did with my refracting sunset shots I shared on Wednesday, where one of those did end up going into my 365 for September. 

So, without further ado, here are my five favourite photos of September.

1. Sweet Peas

Mum's sweet peas finally flowered towards the end of August but I didn't get any photo of them until the beginning of September! I love the different colours and their delicate petals, and the scent they create is just lovely! Definitely one of my favourite flowers, and I hope they stick around for a little while longer before the chill arrives.

2. Bokeh Sunset

September sunsets have always proven to be some of the prettiest from my past photos and this one was no exception! I loved the bokeh effect from the lens flare on my camera too. 

3. Opalite Shine

Whilst taking photos for my gemstone collection post I was playing around with lighting and on holding up my opalite to the window I got some impressive colours bouncing off it!

4. First Brush

I've been painting a lot recently and when I sat down on the night I took this I really liked the contrast between the stark white of the canvas and the first slick of black paint, so this photo had to feature in my project, and it's been a surprise favourite for me. 

5. Sunny Fells

Sunshine in the fells along Newlands Pass. This photo speaks for itself really. It was a gorgeous day and I wish I could freeze moments like these.

As always if you want to follow my Project 365 progress you can do so by clicking this link, and let me know how you're finding the challenge if you're still keeping up with it so far. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you!




  1. You take the prettiest photos. Sweet peas are lovely.

  2. I totally agree about time passing too fast and coincidentally I never noticed it when I was in school but only did university onwards. Your pictures are beautiful and my favourite would have to be the last one.

  3. A lovely collection, especially that last photo! I love doing the 365 project (most days!) but am struggling to keep up with the people I follow and comment on photos - it's enough just keeping myself up to date and the blog right now!

  4. Trying the different route to see if my comment will show.
    I love that last photo, it's so beautiful.

  5. Absolutely breathtaking pictures, I love all, thank you for sharing!!!



  6. This year has been speeding past! I try not to think about it and to constantly talk about how time is flying by, but it really is! It's OCTOBER?! How is that possible?!

    I'm finding as this year is going along, I'm learning to be more relaxed with my project365, I am trying to capture the good bits about each day, but it's hard to not think about the "quality" of the images if I compare them to my other photos... but I'm slowly relaxing, even if it has taken me all year to get to that point!

    Oh wow, that sunset! That is STUNNING! I mean, that orange, it's just beautiful. That has to be my favourite of your project365 photos! And I can never resist a blue and green photo either.

    What a month! I hope you continue this series into next year, it's been great seeing a little glimpse into your daily photos!

  7. Loving your September sunset. Along with some equally impressive sunrises we have certainly had some beauties.

  8. The photograph of Newlands pass is simply stunning. There are so many beautiful places in the world, but our ever increasing population puts stress on so many of them. I think you live in an incredibly beautiful corner of the world and I know that you cherish it. May it continue unspoiled for ever.


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