Those October Skies

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in the Lake District for the past few weeks, and while there is a chill in the air which is slowly causing the temperature to drop, it still feels like the last few breezes of summer are in the air. I do love summer but I am craving those crisp, autumnal mornings so hopefully by the time the clocks go back it will feel more like October. I also worry a little about the calendar for the garden as there have been some very, very late blooms appearing outside, when they should have mostly wilted and gone into their hibernation state until it warms up again, has anyone else had this happen to them / noticed late blooms in their garden / neighbourhood?

Very strange climate at the moment...

However, these last couple of weeks have had some amazing sunsets, and if you've been reading my posts for a while now, you'll know I can't resist a good sunset. Last week's one in particular was beautiful, with some stunning colours in the sky.

The sun was already quite low in the sky by the time I got my camera out, but the colours in the sky were too pretty to miss.

I caught the faint outlines of these birds as they coasted across the sky too. There was hardly a breeze in the air so it must have been lovely to just glide across the horizon.

The clouds were tinted just slightly with hints of dark red.

There is a paper manufacturers which sits quite close to the coastline here, which often looks like a big factory, but the contrast between the natural and the industrial is always quite interesting. Obviously I would prefer having a seamless view, but as the sun dips low and lights up the silhouettes of the towns, it's quite nice. You can just see the faint outlines of the sea too. 

Love that golden orb the sun creates in the sky just before it dipped below the horizon.

A very welcoming start to October with some stunning skies heralding the change in seasons, and it's got me hopeful that October will be a good month!

I'm linking up with Jen for Photo Friday today.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Such beautiful skies - nature really does pull out all the stops at this time of year, right? :)


  2. Such beautiful photos! I love the silhouetted buildings against the sunset. The climate here has been strange too and very unseasonably warm. In fact some of my spring flowers have started to bloom again! I am hoping they don't completely die when the frost comes...

  3. Lovely scenes as you dip into Autumn and we awake into spring here in Australia. The clocks went forward for Daylight Saving in some states last weekend and i am just beginning to adjust to lighter evenings!

  4. Stunning photos! We haven't had as many great sunrises/sunsets as we usually do and it's been awful temperatures here. I have scarf, gloves, and all of the layers on for walking to work! It's just the worst time of year for me with the coldness and darkness so it brightens my day to see skies like those.


  5. Those are absolutely beautiful! October sunsets are the best!

  6. The clocks are changing?! I forgot all about that, I must go and work out what date that happens on... I always forget haha!

    You know I love a good sunset!

  7. Such a beautiful sunset, it's as though the sky is on fire! I love how you've caught the flock of birds swooping across in one of your shots as well :)


  8. I've just seen I've commented on this before haha, clearly I like it a lot - how did I not notice the birds last time though?!

    Gabrielle xx


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