Acorns, Mushrooms and Leaves.

After the Halloween excitement of October it's always hard going back to normality, taking down my decorations and eagerly awaiting my favourite holiday of the year; Christmas. So in-between times thank goodness for origami to keep me busy and creative as the weather turns colder. 

Now that the clocks have gone back and the nights truly are drawing in, I am in full autumnal mode. So when I found several autumn themed origami pieces I knew I had to feature them all here for the first Two Uses Tuesday after Halloween.


1. Mushroom

The first mushroom, the smaller of the two with the brown cap, I did fairly blindly using a diagram only. I prefer to watch videos when I'm doing these for the first time but the diagram was pretty easy to follow for this little mushroom and I love how it turned out, it's so cute and reminds me of some of the cep mushrooms I've seen whilst out and about.

The diagram for this mushroom is here

2. Acorn

This acorn took seconds to do and was too cute to pass up. I only had white paper to hand so I coloured in the rest of my acorn using a brown marker pen.

The tutorial for this acorn is here.

3. Red and Gold Fallen Leaves - Two Ways

Two different ways of making some paper leaves. I used yellow and red paper to try and capture those autumnal shades. One is a simple origami pattern and the other involves drawing an arch on a rectangular pieces of paper, cutting it out and then accordion folds all along. You then pinch the centre and glue the two sides together.

The tutorial for the gold leaf is here and the one for the red leaf is here (This tutorial also gives you several different templates to use but I stuck with the first one).

4. Fly Agaric

Possibly my favourite mushroom, they're synonymous with fairytales and their striking red and white caps are easily spotted amongst the foliage so for my last mushroom I knew I had to do this one. Another easy and quick origami tutorial - you can make these at any size and would look great on walls or hanging from twine as bunting, along with some paper leaves.

The tutorial for this mushroom is here.

I'm linking up with Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today.

Hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday so far!



  1. How adorable is your origami? I used to love origami so much as a kid, It's so much fun...but frustrating when you can't get the folds right. I need to find my 'origami for kids' book that I used to love!

  2. Your paper mushrooms probably taste better than the ones from the shop after I've cooked them

  3. Super cute; especially the leaves and last mushroom!

  4. The mushrooms are so cute! Not that I've seen many about this autumn, so I'll just have to enjoy these instead!


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